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Inset, Insert or Casette fire stoves

Curious about inset, insert, or cassette stoves? How are these types of stoves different? Richard explains the differences and how this particular West Fire Uniq inset stove was more
23rd November 2023

How to stop smoke coming into the room

How can you stop smoke from coming into the room when you open the wood burning stove door? This is a common question and the solution is known as 'burping' your stove. Richard explains this term and what to do to avoid smoke entering your room when refuelling your more
20th November 2023

Splitting, Seasoning and Storing Wood

Get ready for a dose of woodsy wisdom in our latest video! We're thrilled to introduce our special guest, Martin, an expert wood collector with a treasure trove of knowledge to share. In this episode, Martin will be spilling the beans on his ultimate tips for splitting, seasoning, and storing more
13th October 2023

Why Isn't My Stove Heating Up My Room?

When it comes to heating your room efficiently, there are several factors to consider, and in this informative video, Richard provides valuable insights into the process of selecting and installing a stove. Whether you're in the market for a new stove or more
13th October 2023

Installing Boiler Stoves

Boiler stoves, a brilliant fusion of traditional heating methods and modern technology, are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners seeking efficient and eco-friendly heating more
11th September 2023

How To Season Wood

Logs with under 15% moisture is perfect for burning in a stove for an efficient and cleanly run fire. Richard covers what to look out for and how to use a moisture meter to test your wood in our latest video... read more
7th August 2023

How To Season Wood

Logs with under 15% moisture is perfect for burning in a stove for an efficient and cleanly run fire. Richard covers what to look out for and how to use a moisture meter to test your wood in our latest video... read more
7th August 2023

Guest Feature: Yonderway Yurts

We had the pleasure to talk to Yonderway Yurts about their wonderful getaway to learn more about their journey and hear more about their log burner installation... read more
28th June 2023

What is Eco Design? Are Stoves Being Banned?

With misleading headlines filling the media regarding the future of the wood burning stove industry, it has become increasingly confusing for members of the public to separate the facts from the fake news. Are wood burning stoves going to be banned soon in the UK?... read more
1st June 2023

How To Light A Wood Burning Stove

Ask a hundred stove owners how to light a fire and chances are you'll receive a hundred different answers. From rustic traditionalists who chop and season their own fuel to modern subscribers to the Swedish lifestyle… read more
19th May 2023

How To Maintain A Wood Burning Stove

Keeping your stove maintained will not only make it look the part but also assist in making sure it runs efficiently to heat your home. In our latest video Richard takes you through the steps for maintaining your wood burning stove… read more
18th April 2023

Welcome To Glowing Embers

Welcome to the Glowing Embers YouTube channel. We are an online wood burning stove and flue system supplier based in the UK… read more
17th April 2023

Installing A Stove Into A Camper Van

There are many pros to adding a stove to a camper van, such as no need to rely on electricity or diesel; you can keep warm at any time. The cosy atmosphere that fills the room with warmth and a… read more
25th February 2023

Choosing The Right Stove

With so very many stoves on the market, it can be daunting at first wondering how to choose the right one. Like many before you, you may have taken to google to start your research. Wood burning over multifuel? What… read more
17th October 2022

How to clean a fireplace in a few easy steps

As the nights grow shorter and the temperatures start to rise, it finally feels like we’ve left the snowy conditions and the depths of winter behind us. Although it will still be a month or so until the leaves return… read more
1st March 2021

Tips for Painting Your Fireplace

Painting your fireplace – The ultimate décor tips for creating a lasting style. Your fireplace is the centre of your living room. It’s a place that draws the eye, holds precious mementos and provides you with warmth during the cold… read more
22nd February 2021

Glowing Embers Competition – WIN £200 M&S Vouchers

UPDATED: 16/12/2020 – Winner announced. Winner – Alastair SwanSouth Ayrshire, Scotland. Take a look at the other shortlisted entries: Charlotte HallAshby Magna, Leicestershire. Jo-Ann Taylor Brentford. Elin Bishop Carmarthenshire, South West Wales. Claire HarrisRhyl, Denbighshire, North Wales. Mel CrumptonBenfleet, Essex. Yem Idicula… read more
16th November 2020

How to Expose Brickwork

During lockdown, homeowners up and down the country have been busy putting their DIY skills to the test. While some people have kept things simple by putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, others have been… read more
17th August 2020

How will Eco Design 2022 Regulations affect me?

With misleading information and sensationalised headlines filling the media regarding the future of the wood burning stove industry, it is becoming increasingly confusing for our customers to separate the facts from the fake news… Put simply, in a bid to… read more
12th February 2019

Preparing Your Home for Autumn

While the sun is shining and we’re all making the most of the Great British Summer, it’s sometimes hard to believe that in a few months’ time we’ll be wrapping up warm, stoking fires and sweeping leaves in the garden.… read more
26th September 2018

Cooking Ideas for Your Fire Pit

With the amazing weather we’ve been having this summer, it’s no surprise that we are rushing outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and make the most out of the summer heat wave. At the top of the list for many of… read more
21st September 2018

What does EcoDesign mean?

If you have been looking at getting a wood burning stove this year, then you may have heard the term ‘EcoDesign ready’ being used as well as a lot of media coverage on the environmental impact of wood burning stoves.… read more
27th July 2018

Creating the Perfect Garden Party

Summer is certainly on its way and as the nights get longer and the days warmer, it’s a perfect excuse to get your friends round and enjoy the weather together. Garden parties are a great way to bring people together,… read more
22nd May 2018

Choosing the Right Patio Heater

Summer evenings can be a brilliant time to host outdoor parties and gettogethers. However, as the sun goes down, the chill can begin to bite and sometimes you want to use your patio space at other times of the year.… read more
20th April 2018

How to light a multi-fuel stove with coal

Lighting a multi-fuel stove with coal is pretty similar to light any fire, only with the addition to the wood needed to start it. This easy, step-by-step guide will show you how to light your multi-fuel stove in no time… read more
20th April 2018

How to clean a log burning stove

Wood burning stoves should be cleaned at least twice a year and three times if used regularly. Whilst the process can seem daunting and messy, this simple step-by-step guide will get your wood burning stove looking as good as new… read more
20th April 2018

How to make the most out of your central heating

Having a wood burning or multi fuel stove may seem like an extravagance or a luxury fitting for your home. However, having a stove installed in your house will provide you with much more than a decorative centerpiece for your… read more
30th January 2018

Black Friday Deals at Glowing Embers

PRESS RELEASE Another Black Friday bonanza on the horizon for Glowing Embers. Following a successful Black Friday in 2016, online retailer Glowing Embers will be offering several substantial price promotions during week commencing 20th November leading up to Black Friday,… read more
17th November 2017

Are Wood Burning Stoves eco-friendly?

In the 21st Century, protecting the environment has become a major issue which has become increasingly hard to ignore. The need to find renewable energy sources and sustainable ways of living have never been more important to the everyday individual… read more
12th October 2017

How to use a Chiminea

Chimineas, or ‘Chimeneas’, are a front-loading form of metal stove which originated in Spain. Characterised by their bulbous, often cast-iron body and vertical chimney, chimineas have become increasingly popular sources of heat for outdoor events and spaces over the past… read more
10th October 2017

Do I Need To Insulate My Flexible Flue Liner?

There is NO Building Regulation that says you must insulate around a flexible flue liner, within a chimney stack. However building regulations do state that gases must be safely taken away from the building and by insulating your flexible flue… read more
6th July 2017

The Purpose of a Roof Flashing

When a flue system passes through the roof of a property, the hole that must be cut in the surface will always be larger than the overall diameter of the flue pipe due to safe clearances to combustible materials. For… read more
5th July 2017

Chimneys in Thatched Properties

The installation of a log burner and flue system into a property with a thatched roof can be a cause for concern for many consumers due to the highly combustible nature of the thatch and sadly, in recent years, the… read more
4th July 2017

12 Year Shieldmaster Manufacturer’s Warranty

12 Year Shieldmaster Manufacturer’s Warranty Terms. Shieldmaster insulated twin wall is precision engineered to be free from defects in both construction and material and is covered for a period of twelve years from date of purchase by the manufacturer’s warranty,… read more
26th May 2017

Why do I need a stove thermometer?

Unlike many forms of heating, a wood burning or multi fuel stove has no readout informing you what temperature your appliance is actually operating at. Although this may not seem like an issue at first, having no way to determine… read more
11th May 2017

Stove Fans

You’ve installed your beautiful new stove and its roaring away but do you suspect you may not be basking in the direct heat you had hoped for? This can be a side effect of radiant stoves due to the natural… read more
4th May 2017

What Size Wood Burning Stove Do I Need?

You can find out the appropriate wood burner size in kilowatts by: Calculate the cubic space of the room by multiplying the width, height and length. As a rule of thumb, divide the cubic space by 14 and this will… read more
23rd March 2017

Glowing Embers In Press Again

We are delighted to have been featured in a double page article in the East Anglian Daily Times, highlighting how to warm up your home in the cold weather.  A really nice article and just shows what a difference a… read more
10th February 2016

How to Keep Your Wood Burning Stove Running

You should not have too many difficulties in making a fire in a wood burning stove and keeping it burning. There is no standard ignition procedure because it all depends on the stove and its user. However, the first step… read more
2nd September 2015

Glowing Embers Featured In National Press Again

Glowing Embers have been selected by the Wotherspoon family of Bolton to contribute to a unique home and garden design project being filmed for Channel 4 and featuring across the national press. The popular design show ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’… read more
2nd September 2015

Warranty Terms – General Information

The manufacturer’s warranties that govern exactly which components (if any) are covered varies from brand to brand. Although the industry standard may be a one or two year guarantee, a growing number of manufacturers are covering their products with five,… read more
2nd September 2015

Bronpi Calefaccion S.L. Stoves warranty terms

Bronpi Calefaccion S.L. stoves have a seven year manufacturer’s warranty against damage to the sheet metal structure and a five year manufacturer’s warranty against the cast iron body of the stove only. The warranty is only valid if the warranty… read more
2nd September 2015

Henley Stoves warranty terms

Henley stoves have a five year manufacturer’s warranty which must be registered online at upon receipt of the stove. The manufacturer’s warranty covers the body of the stove for five calendar years and the riddle grate for one calendar… read more
2nd September 2015

Westfire Stoves warranty terms

Westfire stoves have a five year manufacturer’s warranty against material faults and other manufacturing defects. Your receipt document is the date of purchase. The warranty will only apply if they receive the duly completed registration card within two weeks of… read more
2nd September 2015

Alpine Stoves warranty terms

The Alpine collection of multi-fuel stoves have a one year manufacturer’s warranty which automatically commences on the date of purchase. This manufacturer’s warranty covers the cast iron body of the stove only for one calendar year. Components that are subject… read more
2nd September 2015

Wood Burning Stoves becoming consumer’s preference

The modern wood burning stoves have known a significant rise in popularity mainly because they can be noticeably cheaper than the conventional heating systems which operate on oil, gas and electricity and whose prices depend more on global economics than… read more
24th April 2015

How to save money by heating your home with log burners

The good news so far is that, possibly due to climate change, the UK winters have become milder. However with continuing cold snaps for December through to March predicted, for many consumers the financial burden of growing heating costs is… read more
18th February 2015

Satisfied customers

See what our customers are saying about us: “Thank you for the quick delivery and fantastic product, the dogs love the stove and I am even cooking on it. I would recomend you to anyone and thanks for all your… read more
18th February 2015

Stove care

Caring for your wood burning stove / multifuel stove. Your wood burning stove or multi fuel stove, with the proper care, should last you a lifetime and make a fantastic centre piece to any home. wood burning stoves are fairly… read more
18th February 2015

Stove installers

It is important that your system is installed correctly and efficiently both to ensure your safety and to have the system ‘signed-off’ by a professional HETAS engineer or a specialist from the local council, ensuring compliance with the legal requirements… read more
18th February 2015

Building Regulations

Wood burning stove installations fall under legal Building Regulations and all installations must meet these requirements. All installations must be signed off either by your local council or by a HETAS registered engineer. This current edition of Approved Document J… read more
18th February 2015

As Seen On TV

Glowing Embers on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. We are delighted to have been selected by the Wotherspoon family of Bolton to contribute our expertise and market leading products for a truly unique project set to star in an episode of… read more
18th February 2015

RHI Overview

Here is a brief overview of the Government’s domestic Renewable Heat Incentive for Biomass Pellet Stoves with Integrated Boilers. For a more comprehensive overview please scroll down for full details: What Is The Domestic RHI? A Government grant to encourage… read more
18th February 2015

Chimney installations

ABOVE: Lining a chimney using a multi fuel flexible liner for wood burning stoves. Reasons for lining a chimney when installing wood burning stoves. For a wood burning stove to work correctly it must be connected to a sound chimney… read more
18th February 2015

Stove Sizing Guide

It is incredibly important when selecting your new wood burning or multi-fuel stove to consider the Kw output in terms of is it appropriate for the size of your room and will it meet the needs of you and your… read more
18th February 2015

Safe Distances to Combustible Materials

Due to the levels of heat emitted from flue pipes and stoves, it is essential these are installed at a safe distance from any combustible material which could catch on fire from heat transfer (typically wood, carpets and soft furnishings).… read more
18th February 2015

Defra & Smoke Control Areas

BRIEF BACKGROUND For centuries we have burned coal in our homes with little impact on the environment. With the birth of the industrial revolution came increased levels of coal burning by heavy industry which inevitably led to pollution on a… read more
18th February 2015

Tech Fuels

Selecting the appropriate fuel for your stove is an essential ingredient for it to achieve its maximum potential. The fuel chosen must be suitable for the task, efficient and in some cases, approved for use (Smokeless Zones, RHI etc.). WOOD… read more
18th February 2015

Air Supply And Ventilation

It is an essential requirement that your wood burning or multi-fuel stove has an adequate air supply to ensure that complete combustion of fuel occurs and your chimney functions as it should. The primary source of this air supply for… read more
18th February 2015

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

We come into contact with low levels of carbon monoxide in our every day lives from vehicle exhaust fumes to cigarette smoke and paint fumes but these impact the environment much more than they impact us directly. As the owner… read more
18th February 2015

Flue Diameters

The diameter of flue pipe required for your system will initially be dictated by the size of the flue outlet on your particular stove. From this point onwards the Building Regulations are very clear on the size you must be… read more
18th February 2015

Hearth Regulations

The Building Regulations concerning hearths can be an area of confusion for some with the different thicknesses required for combustible or non-combustible floors and terms such as constructional and superimposed. By breaking these regulations down to what is relevant to… read more
18th February 2015

Flue Heights

As one of the purposes of your flue system is to remove flue gases and the products of combustion, it stands to reason that your installation must be of a certain length and height to safely distribute these fumes away… read more
18th February 2015

Technical Information

In this section we have simplified all of the Building Regulations and technical jargon surrounding stoves, flues, installation and all related products to hopefully make the information more understandable and relevant to you. Please click on the links below for… read more
18th February 2015

Vermiculite calculator

Use the calculator below to get a better idea of the number of bags of vermiculite insulation you need to complete your installation. Click here to go to our vermiculite insulation. Vermiculite Calculator. How many bags of vermiculite do I… read more
18th February 2015

Contemporary Stoves

Contemporary stoves are becoming in creasing popular in the UK, offering a unique mix of the traditional charm of a fire in your home with contemporary design and sophistication that will look at home in the most modern of city… read more
19th March 2014

Glowing Embers Sales Reach Record Levels

Everyone at Glowing Embers is delighted to report that we are receiving record sales. This season has seen a marked increase in interest in wood burning stoves and alternative fuels in general in part due to continually increasing fuel prices.… read more
25th October 2013

Glowing Embers on Double Your House for Half Your Money

Glowing Embers are pleased to announce that we were recently featured on Sarah Beeney’s Double your House for Half the Money Channel 4 program. We were approached to provide a wood burning stove installation for a cottage conversion in West… read more
8th October 2013

Twin wall flue pipe installation guide

If you are installing a wood burning stove, boiler or gas appliance and you are planning to run your flue system either through a wall, a floor or externally you will need to use a twin wall flue system. Twin… read more
1st June 2013

Boiler Stoves Blog

A boiler stove can take your wood burning stove from being an add on, cost saver or nicety to a central part of your homes central heating system. Boiler stoves have an integral water boiler which can be plumbed into… read more
9th March 2013

How to fit stove pipe

Single wall vitreous enamelled stove pipe is needed for every installation of a wood burning stove. You need at least one length of stove pipe to connect directly to your log burner’s flue outlet. From this pipe, you can connect… read more
10th May 2012

Cast Iron Stoves Info

Cast Iron Stoves are by far the most popular form of wood burning stoves in the UK, partly because of their versatility and partly because of their traditional styling. Traditional cast iron stoves can easily be used to replace an… read more
13th March 2015

The Rise in Popularity of Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves have seen an incredable rise in popularity in recent years, in part due to rising costs of other forms of heating and fuel, in part due to their environmentally friendly attributes and in part because of the… read more
28th March 2012

How to light a wood burning stove

Wood burning stoves are fairly simply devices to use and once you get started you will quickly get used to starting and maintaining a fire in them. You will find that you develop your own technique for lighting your stove… read more
23rd March 2012