The Rise in Popularity of Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves have seen an incredable rise in popularity in recent years, in part due to rising costs of other forms of heating and fuel, in part due to their environmentally friendly attributes and in part because of the cosy and warm feel that you get from a wood burning stove that you don’t get from convensional heating.There is a certain magic about watching a fire glow and flicker in you wood burning stove as you snuggle up for a cosy evening, there is nothing that quite compares to this feeling.

Traditional forms of heating in the UK have been gas, electric and oil but these sources of heat are becoming increasingly expensive with global instability, dwindling natural resrouces and global recesssion. Burning wood has proved to be a more economical resource for many families accross the UK looking to reduce their spend on heating. Even with the initial costs of buying and installing a wood burning stove you can very quickly make savings and your log burner will last you for years.

On top of this with natural resrouces dwindling the UK governement is encouraging use of biomass fuel such as wood and paper, from renewable sources as more environmentally sound alternatives to traditional methods of heating. Eco fuel, is by far the most efficient and environmentally friendly way of heating your home, made from waste wood products and manufactured to burn efficiently and not leave much waste product as ash

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