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Air Bricks / Ventilation Kits

If you are planning to install a Wood Burning or Multi-Fuel stove above 5kw in output you must also install a permanent source of ventilation in the same room in the form of an Air Brick / Ventilation Kit.

This ensures that there is adequate oxygen intake into the room to not only feed the fire but to replenish the air taken out of the room and up the chimney. Rytons Air Core Ventilators are perfect for the job and come in a variety of sizes to cater for all stoves. You can even choose between plain, cowled, baffled or baffled AND cowled models below.

Please see our easy to follow guide for correctly sizing the size of Air Core Ventilator for your stove...

Air Bricks / Ventilation Kits

Rytons AirCore Ventilator - 125mm AC10LPC

Rytons AirCore Ventilator - 125mm AC10LPCRytons AirCore Ventilator - 125mm AC10LPC
£17.99 inc VAT
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Core Drill Bit 127mm x 150mm

Core Drill Bit 127mm x 150mm
£29.99 inc VAT
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