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Gas Stoves

We are currently providing some of the more popular single and double door cast iron stoves on the market, with similar efficiency ratings to our wood burning stoves. Each of the stoves featured come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. It should be noted that it is required by law that the installation of the gas stove is carried out by a professionally qualified and accredited gas fitter (certified on the “Gas Safe” register). The flue will have to be inspected by a CORGI registered installer and passed as suitable and sound.

Note, our Yeoman Gas Stoves are offered with the option of the use of either a Balanced Flue pipe where the room is sealed and pulls the air required from within the same pipe as the fumes are expelled (which means the flue does not require a chimney and can be placed against an external wall); or a Conventional Flue pipe option which makes use of an existing chimney and requires an air supply to the room in which the stove is located. The Conventional Flue pipe is the same as is used with wood burning and multifuel stoves. Balanced Flue pipe is specialist and consist of two pipes, where one is inside the other. The inner pipe removes the waste gasses, while the outer pipe brings in air that is needed to provide combustion.

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