Single Wall Flue Systems

  • Vitreous Enamelled pipes are a single walled, un-insulated stove pipe designed to connect your wood burning or multi-fuel stove to your chosen flue installation. Finished with enamel both inside and out, these flue parts are designed to compliment the traditional aesthetic of the stove and can connect to both Twin Wall flue and Flexible Chimney Liner via the appropriate adaptor.

    Glowing Embers offers three ranges of internal Vitreous Enamelled stove pipes to allow greater flexibility in selecting components for your flue system. Please select from our Economy, Easy Fit or Traditional ranges below.

  • A single wall flue pipe is needed to join together with either a) a flexible liner which travels up the chimney or b) a twin walled flue pipe system which is used when there is no chimney available or where you prefer the flexibility to place the stove in any desired location within a room.

  • It is recommended that when connecting to a chimney liner you use a minimum of a 1 metre length of single wall flue pipe which in turn is connected to a single wall adapter allowing the connection to the flexible liner.

    Single wall flue pipe can easily be connected together as one pipe simply slots into another. Each pipe has both a male and female end; the female end slots into the stove. Any subsequent pipes in the system then slot into each other.

    Single wall bends (otherwise known as elbows) allow you to use the rear outlet of a stove and/or alter the direction of the stove pipe installation. The maximum number of bends should be no greater than four.

  • Although you can attach a twin wall flue pipe to your stove using a single wall flue adapter (connected to the outlet of the stove), it is recommended that you have a length of single wall flue pipe emanating from the stove prior to connecting to the twin wall flue pipe. This is largely because of the amount of heat that is initially released from the stove, which could damage the twin wall flue pipe if directly connected with an adapter. Certainly if you are using a stove that generates more than 5kw, it is recommended to start with a single wall flue pipe.

    We provide three brands of black enamelled single wall flue pipe, including an economy range for those on a more stringent budget. We also supply a range of stainless steel pipes and parts if preferred.

ECONOMY RANGE - Manufactured from laser welded steel with a total thickness ranging from 0.6mm to 0.8mm. These parts have a matt finish and male connections and have been sourced for their affordability without compromising quality.

EASY FIT - This premier range has a thicker skin at 1.2mm and a matt finish. Also manufactured from laser welded steel with male connections and a wider selection of parts.

TRADITIONAL FIT - A varied range of components which boast male and female connections. This range features sweeping bends and a choice of finishes.