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Inset Log Burners

  • Inset wood burning stoves (sometimes referred to as 'insert' stoves), are built-in (self-contained) units that are fitted into to your chimney breast leaving only the front of the stove exposed. This can provide a dramatic effect and with the growth in popularity of wood burners, inset stoves come in both modern and traditional styles. Insets Stoves for many can be a minimalist, space efficient and eye catching home interior feature and from the numerous product ranges available we like to think we supply our customers with a tremendous range to choose from.

    The benefits of an inset log burner include improved heat efficiency and output, yet also provides a contemporary stunning additional feature to your living space. As these inset log burners have become more and more popular, most professional installers are experienced to make your installation relatively effortless.

  • When looking at purchasing an inset wood burner, always check the Technical Information provided to ensure it will fit appropriately into your external cavity wall space or an existing chimney breast.

    Getting inset stove ideas

    To help visualise what the new inset wood burner will look like in situ - why not take a digital photograph of the wall in which the stove will be fitted and incorporate and overlay a photograph of the stove (from our website) into the picture. Our sales staff would be more than happy to do this for you if more convenient – simply email a request along with a high quality digital photograph of the wall (minimum of 1mb in size), along with the name of the stove you are interested in. We will then email you back the photograph incorporating the stove in the image appropriately. We can do this for more than one stove – but please, not too many.

    Social media websites such as Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram can provide a plethora of ideas for the incorporation of an inset stove into the interior design of any living space. Off the shelf interior design magazines can also inspire and present photographic views of inset stoves in location. As the financial outlay for a stove of this type is significant for most people, take your time choosing, study the Technical Information we provide on all our stoves to ensure an appropriate fitting, output and other features which will help you in your decision as to which to purchase. We get a lot of customers telephoning us and asking for our advice on which stove to choose – but only you can judge how well a stove would fit into your living space, especially with regards to the aesthetical appeal. However always feel free to call us to discuss any choice you might make.

    Popular manufacturers

    Within the Glowing Embers range, Henley and Aarrow are two of the brands with lots to choose from, varying in price from £500 up to £2700. With the Henley brand, some of the more popular stoves include the Apollo, Lisbon and Faro ranges. Aarrow have a strong range within the Ecoburn and the i400-i750 log burners.