Kratki Stoves

Kratki has been existing on the Polish market since 1998 and supply wood burning and gas freestanding and inset stoves. By understanding the industry from scratch, focusing on customer needs and rapid response to market changes, this company boasts of being one of Europe's leading manufacturers of stoves and fireplaces. The products of Kratki are available in nearly 60 countries around the world and they have received a large variety of Awards including for both Company of the Year and Product of the Year.

As this is a European made stove, in order to connect with British flue pipes, a double socket adapter is required - this piece of flue pipe allows the safe connection of standard British single wall flue pipes to European stoves with a male outlet. Designed to fit over the outside of the stove collar, the Double Socket Adapter provides a female connection required to connect your first length of single wall flue.