Technical Information

In this section we have simplified all of the Building Regulations and technical jargon surrounding stoves, flues, installation and all related products to hopefully make the information more understandable and relevant to you. Please click on the links below for further information…

1. Flue Heights

2. Hearth Sizes

3. Flue Diameters

4. Carbon Monoxide & CO Alarms

5. Air Supply & Ventilation

6. Fuels

7. DEFRA & Smokeless Zones

8. Distances To Combustible Materials

9. Stove Sizing Guide

10. Troubleshooting Stove Problems

11. Troubleshooting Flue Problems

12. Eco Fans

13. 5 Easy Steps To Lighting Your Fire

14. Vermiculite & Flue Insulation

15. Guide To Flashing

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