Why do I need a stove thermometer?

Unlike many forms of heating, a wood burning or multi fuel stove has no readout informing you what temperature your appliance is actually operating at. Although this may not seem like an issue at first, having no way to determine how hot your stove is running will lead to either over- or under- fuelling.

 Over fuelling a log burner in the attempt to increase the heat output can be an inefficient waste of time, fuel and money. Your stove is rated to a specific KW output and attempting to raise this with more fuel will at best just be lost up the chimney, at worst, it will over-fire, decrease the lifespan of the burner and affect the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. A thermometer allows you to avoid this costly user error.

 The opposite of the above is to under fuel your stove and running it too cold. This will cause an ineffective draw, blackened glass, carbon monoxide slumping down the flue system and deposits of creosotes in the chimney which in extreme cases can lead to chimney fires. A thermometer allows you to avoid this potentially fatal error.

 A Stove Pipe Thermometer is an inexpensive and very useful accessory, it simply magnetically attaches to your flue pipe a minimum of 300mm above your stove and once in place will allow you to quickly see how your stove is performing.

 Our Stove Pipe Thermometers feature a temperature gauge for accurate readout and a visual guide to tell you what these temperatures mean in regards to the optimum performance and efficiency of your stove and fuel.

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