Twin Wall Insulated Flue Systems

  • Once you've chosen a wood burning stove for your home, your next step is to find out which flue pipes and accessories you need to make sure that it burns safely and looks great.

    If you don't already have a brick chimney stack in your home, you'll need a twin wall insulated flue system. Because no two twin wall insulated flue system installations are the same, we don't supply complete flue kits. However, as HETAS-approved stove specialists, we here at Glowing Embers know everything there is to know about stove installation - so we've developed this handy guide on this page to help you identify exactly what pipes and accessories you'll need.

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  • Which accessories you'll need for the installation will depend on factors such as whether the flue will go through internal walls, floors and ceilings and if it will exit the property through an external wall or the roof. So it's essential that you settle on the route that you want your flue to take through your home before you select any accessories.

    If you haven't installed a stove before, you might not be familiar with what each of the different accessories do. To make it a bit clearer, we've compiled a glossary of terms.

    • Adaptor
      Used to change from one type or diameter of pipe to another, e.g. from a vitreous enamel pipe to a twin wall flue, from a stainless steel single wall pipe to a twin wall flue, or to change from a smaller diameter pipe to a larger one.
      Base Support
      Installed at the base of the vertical run of the chimney, it provides both horizontal and vertical support. Recommended in addition to wall supports for runs over 4-5 meters.
      Chimney Notice Plate
      Required under Building Regulations, it displays the details of the installation for future maintenance, or to notify new occupants.
      Console Plate
      Used internally on a capped chimney that no longer extends through the roof. For instance where a house has been re-roofed and the old chimney stack now finishes in the loft rather than passing through the roof. The console plate sits on top of the brick chimney in the loft to allow you to pass through your roof in twin wall flue pipe. This part can connect to flue liner that you may have running from your stove by means of another part - the 'Adapter From Flue Liner', which connects to the underside of the Console Plate.
    • Draft Regulator
      Also called a Draught Stabiliser, this is a type of pressure valve that sits on top of the stove and allows air to pass through it into the flue system when the updraft becomes too strong. By allowing air to pass through it, it stabilises an overly strong updraft that might be causing a stove to burn too hot or too quickly and be uncontrollable.
      Used to change the direction of the pipe.
      Finishing Plate
      A two-piece plate that covers the hole where the pipe goes through a wall.
      Firestop Plate
      These cover where your flue pipe passes through a ceiling or floor. They ensure that the minimum distance between the flue and any adjacent materials is sufficient. If you are installing a solid fuel stove you will need a ventilated firestop plate as solid fuel stoves burn hotter than gas and the ventilation allows adequate air flow around the pipe. They are designed to allow air to pass around the pipe but not flames to pass through them. You should use one on every ceiling and floor of an inhabited room. So an uninhabited loft does not need one of the floor but will require one on the ceiling of the inhabited room below.
      Used in conjunction with a Storm Collar to provide a weatherproof seal as the chimney passes through the roof. Different types of flashings are available for different types of roofs.
    • Guy Wire (and Guy Wire Bracket)
      Used where the flue has a length of 2m or more without being fixed to the wall. The guy wire bracket fits around the pipe and the guy wire kit provides the wire, brackets and tensioners to keep the flue in place.
    • Joint Seal
      A rubber seal used on condensing installations.
      Joist Support
      Used as a support on the top side of combustible floors that the chimney passes through. Use in conjunction with a Firestop Plate on the underside of the floor.
      Locking Band
      Used to connect to elements at the joints.
    • Roof Support
      Fixes the pipe to the angled rafters in the roof space.
      Rotating Cowl
      Ideal for any flue system experiencing difficulties in creating sufficient updraft.
    • Storm Collar
      Ensures water tightness in the passage through the roof and protects the rubber flashing from extreme weather conditions.
      Straight Length
      Fixed length pipe, connected to other elements of the chimney to form a twin wall flue system. Available in different lengths and diameters. Some are adjustable.
      A T-shaped section which allows connection to the soot collector (enabling easier cleaning) or connection between horizontal and vertical runs.
      Tee Cap
      Used to close off, or provide cleaning access to, the base of the flue. Also available with a drain point.
    • Wall Sleeve
      Protects the chimney in the passage through a wall.
      Wall Support
      Used to fix the chimney to the wall (a wall support must be used every 2 to 3 metres).
      Weathering Cap / Anti Wind Cowl
      Final element of the vertical run. This is an enhanced rain cap, which offers the same protection from the rain as well as some protection around the opening to stop wind gusts causing problems with the updraft. Recommended instead of a rain cap for use in exposed or high wind areas.
  • All of our twin wall flue system components are made by fully CE-certified brands: Convesa KC, Dinak DW and Shieldmaster. These high-quality products all come with generous warranties, so you can be sure that your stove's pipes and accessories will keep you and your family safe and warm for many years.

    SFL Shieldmaster
    Internal diameters 5"-6" (125mm-150mm) 5"-8" (125-200mm)
    Manufacturer's warranty 15 years 12 years
    Min. distance from combustible materials 50mm 60mm
    Locking bands included Yes Yes
    Appliance compatibility Solid fuel
    Solid fuel
    Other Available in stainless steel or matt black finish with twist lock connections Available in stainless steel or matt black finish with push fit connections
    Price Well Priced for this popular brand The most economical brand on the market today

    Available with an internal diameter of either 5" or 6" (125mm-150mm), the Shieldmaster twin wall flue pipe can be installed closer to combustible materials (just 50mm) than most other pipes available.

    Its unique push-fit system means that components lock easily together without the need for any sealant or adhesives at the joints.

    With a 12-year manufacturer's warranty, this flue system is built to last.

    The SFL Sflue twin wall flue pipe has an internal diameter of 5" or 6" (125mm-150mm). Constructed from high-quality, 0.4mm 304 grade stainless steel and 30mm of compressed Rockwool insulation, it boasts excellent insulating properties, fully-welded twin walls, secure locking bands already attached for easy assembly, and a unique 8-barb twist-lock connection.

    The SFL Twin Wall system is designed for both internal and external use, and is suitable for all solid fuel, gas and oil appliances. It has a safe distance to combustibles of 50mm.

    It is available in stainless steel or powder-coated to black.

    Please note - The brands are not compatible with each other - you cannot mix and match parts as they will not fit together.


-60mm to combustable materials

-25 year manufacturer's warranty

-Locking bands included (where required)

-0.5mm thick stainless steel - 316 internal 304 external

SFL Sflue

- 50mm to combustable materials

- Locking bands attached (where required)

- 125mm to 150mm internal diameters

- Stainless steel or matt black finish

CE & HETAS Approved

Shieldmaster and SFL are fully CE certified and marked for use in the UK. Both brands have also received the coveted HETAS approval and feature in their official guide.

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