How To Maintain A Wood Burning Stove

Keeping your stove maintained will not only make it look the part but also assist in making sure it runs efficiently to heat your home. In our latest video Richard takes you through the steps for maintaining your wood burning stove, deomonstrating with our Woolly Mammoth 8 multifuel stove.

There's not a lot to do ongoing but here are key factors to consider:

  • Burning the right wood- What wood should you burn?
  • Getting the stove swept at least once a month
  • Replacing the stove rope- How do you replace the stove rope?
  • Replacing the fire bricks- How do you replace the fire bricks?
  • Cleaning the ash - What do you do with the ash? How do you clean this out?
  • Replacing stove glass - How do you replace the stove glass?
  • Cleaning stove glass- What can you use to clean the glass?
  • Checking your CO alarm - Where do you install a CO alarm?

Let's take you through each step in more detail in our video below...