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Stove Fire Rope and Adhesive

For sealing stove glass and doors or around flue pipes passing through Register Plates, Fire Rope (also known as stove rope) is a stove and flue essential. We supply soft weave fibre glass rope by the metre, in kits or by the drum in diameters 3mm - 25mm which can be used to fill gaps anywhere in your stove and flue system.

Don't forget your Quick Setting Rope Adhesive for a safe and secure bond.

How do I know what diameter of stove fire rope I need?

You can either measure the width of the channel that holds your stove rope or measure the width of the fire rope itself. The diameter is the width, in a straight line, between the widest points in the stove rope when it is not compressed or stretched. Alternatively, your stove's manual may well give you the diameter of the rope needed.

How do I replace stove fire rope?

Fire rope is a consumable part on wood burning stoves that needs to be regularly replaced to ensure an air tight door and glass seal to maintain controllability, efficiency and safety of wood burning stoves. Fire rope seals the stove doors and the glass on wood burning stoves. First you need to remove the old fire rope (also known as stove rope); you can use a combination of pulling and prising, you can even carefully use a flat headed screw driver to prise out the old fire rope, taking care not to damage the door channel. Try to ensure the area is as clean, flat and clear as possible. You can wash the area with water to ensure it is clean, but do not use chemical cleaning agents as this can sometimes react with the fire rope adhesive.

Lastly you will need to run your new fire rope into the channel and fix it using fire rope adhesive. Leave for at least 1 hour before closing the door and your stove should now have a fully functioning seal.

What types of stove rope are there?

There are two basic types of stove rope - knitted fire rope and braided stove rope. Both are the same quality but the knitted fire rope is more flexible than the braided stove rope and can be squashed, to a small degree. As a general rule the medium diameter stove rope works better with knitted fire rope and the larger sizes as braided stove rope.