Vermiculite calculator

Use the calculator below to get a better idea of the number of bags of vermiculite insulation you need to complete your installation. Click here to go to our vermiculite insulation

Vermiculite Calculator

Vermiculite bag

How many bags of vermiculite do I need?
Enter the details of your chimney and liner below and click calculate to estimate the number of bags of insulation that you will require.Please note that all dimensions must be entered in metres, for example, 130mm (5 inch) chimney liner would be an entry of .130

Chimney Height (Metres) 8
Chimney Width (Metres) .225
Chimney Depth (Metres) .325
Liner Diameter (Metres) .150
Required Volume of Insulation (m3)  
Number of Bags Required  

Vermiculite insulation is high temperature insulation, suitable for wood burning stoves, gas fires and other boilers to insulate your system, extend it’s life, increase it’s efficiency and reduce the amount of heat lost through your chimney. Use vermiculite to fill around your chimney liner, above your register plate for the best installation.

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