Chimney Register Plates

A Chimney Register Plate (sometimes referred to as a Chimney Closure Plate) is a sheet of galvanised steel designed to be installed above the stove, sealing off the base of the chimney to counteract heat loss and to prevent debris or insulation from falling down into the fireplace. We recommend Envirograf Silicone to seal around the edges of these plates.

Glowing Embers' Register Plates are supplied in three standard sizes - 800mm x 400mm, 1000mm x 400mm and 1200mm x 600mm with central flue holes, brackets and reducing plates where required.

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Do I need a Chimney Register Plate?

Chimney closure plates increase the efficiency of your multifuel stove by stopping excess heat escaping up the chimney, avoiding draughts and in combination with vermiculite insulation, creates the optimal conditions for your flexible flue liner, lessening condensation, increasing draw and increasing its life expectancy.

How do I Install a Chimney Plate?

Chimney Closure Plates can easily be cut down to the exact size of your chimney. Measure the top of your fireplace and select the register plate that is slightly bigger than your measurements (if one isn't exactly the same size).

Our Range of Chimney Closure Plates

Closure plates types A, B and C have a special adapter suitable for installations which use either 125mm or 150mm diameter flue pipe. For 150mm diameter installs, you simply remove the cover ring by unscrewing the two retaining screws. Type D plates can be used with any diameter as you can cut the hole yourself.