Glowing Embers & Covid-19

The many challenges facing the Stove Industry in light of the continued threat of Covid-19 infection continue now into 2021. As people globally have had their movements restricted and have been forced to spend more time at home, this has had three major knock-on effects for the stove and flue industry. Firstly, more people than ever are focussing on their interior spaces and embarking on DIY projects to spruce up their homes. Secondly, as showrooms have been forced to close, many have turned to online retailers. And thirdly, if people are not in the workplace, then manufacturing, supply and distribution lines are severely impeded. The upshot is an unprecedented surge in customers for us here at Glowing Embers to facilitate, with forced restrictions on our staffing levels and stock supplies.

Throughout the year, we have implemented new processes and systems to not only cope with demand but to manage expectations and maintain a level of service we can be proud of during these trying times. This has included prioritising staffing requirements in the departments most in need, extending operating hours in our offices and warehouses, increasing our despatch timescales and reducing visits to our showroom. And although these measures have alleviated the excessive strain in some areas, we continue to experience very high volumes of inbound enquiries that we are sadly unable to respond to in a timescale we find acceptable.

Everyone at Glowing Embers fully understands the impact or inconvenience this may have on our wonderful customers and so we truly appreciate your understanding as we strive to return as soon as is practicable to a service not simply resembling normal, but surpassing your expectations in these challenging times.

On behalf of everyone here at Glowing Embers, thank you so much for your patience.