At Glowing Embers we supply a range of Glass, Granite, Limestone and Sandstone Hearths suitable for wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and cut to a variety of designs to match your living space. These hearths comply with the legal regulations in relation to any stove that has been Cool Hearth Rated in the UK and are perfect to complete any contemporary stove installation.

Please visit our Technical Information pages for the Glowing Embers guide to hearths and hearth regulations.

UK Building Regulations are quite involved where hearths are concerned as it depends upon the specific stove to be installed and the combustibility of the surface the hearth is to be situated on.

You are required to have 150mm (6") of hearth left and right of the stove and it is recommended to have 300mm (12") in front. This allows for the stove door to be opened fully and still sit over the protective hearth. For the depth of the hearth, if it is being installed on a combustible surface (i.e. a wooden floor) it needs to be 250mm thick but if on a non-combustible floor, the thickness of the floor AND the hearth can be 250mm.

A stove must be tested in the UK to be suitable for a 12mm hearth and we state this in the technical information if applicable to that model and a hearth for a free standing stove must measure at least 840mm x 840mm.