Stove Sizing Guide

It is incredibly important when selecting your new wood burning or multi-fuel stove to consider the Kw output in terms of is it appropriate for the size of your room and will it meet the needs of you and your home?

Failure to precisely calculate the appropriate stove size will result in issues such as poor performance of the stove, uncomfortable room temperatures and the uneconomical use of fuel. By following our simple guide you will be able to accurately calculate the right size of stove for you to provide your home with a comfortable room temperature:

Step 1) Calculate the volume of your room in metres (Length x Width x Height = Volume m3)

Step 2) Multiply this by the appropriate factor in the table below:

Stove Sizing Chart


Step 3) Once you have a total from above, add the following if you tend to keep windows open or like additional ventilation:

  • 0.65kW for a 28m3 to 56m3
  • 1.3kW for 57m3 to 84m3
  • 2kW for 85m3 plus

Step 4) Add 10% for exposed locations.

It is worth noting that sizing a stove to heat anything other than rooms directly adjacent should be discouraged; high ceilings may also have to be taken into account.

With regards to the physical size of a stove, when installing into an existing fire place you must allow at least 100mm to 150mm (4″ to 6″) behind and at the sides to allow adequate air to pass around the body of the stove. For the sizing requirements of the hearth, please click here and for stove distances to combustible materials, please click here.
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