Chimney Flue Liner 316L & Fitting Kit 503

Chimney Flue Liner 316L & Fitting Kit 503

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Technical Data

    5" (125mm) Liner & Installation Kit 3

    Common problems including insufficient draw to power the stove, lack of heat output and leaking tar/smoke can all be rectified by re-lining the chimney with a Flexible Chimney Liner; an essential product when installing into an existing fireplace and chimney. By ensuring a sealed chimney from stove to terminal, your stove can only then operate to its full potential.

    Flexible Liner and associated parts for 5" wood burning stoves. This kit consists of

    • 5" Single Wall Pipe to 5" Liner Adapter
    • Notice Plate
    • Required length of 5" 316 Grade twin-skinned Flexible Liner
    • 5" Stainless Hanging Cowl for installations with a chimney pot.

    Basic Instructions: Secure hanging Cowl onto top end of liner using straps provided, drop liner down length of chimney and secure cowl on the pot with longer strap.


    We know that the installation of a flexible flue liner with all the associated components can prove slightly confusing at times. This is why we have technical staff available to advise and recommend types of installations to meet your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for support.

    • Compatible Liner Diameter: 5"
    • Compatible Pipe Diameter: 5"
    • Increasing kit: No
    • Notice Plate: Included
    • Finish: Stainless
    • Rain Protection: Yes
    • Bird Guard: Yes
    • Top Fixing: Hanging Cowl

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