New Government Funding Announced To Help People Change From Oil Or Bottled Gas To Wood Pellet Heating

If you heat your home with oil or bottled LPG gas then this scheme could save you a lot of money from your heating bill. At Glowing Embers we have had a sneak preview of the funding, dubbed the Renewable Heat Initiative or RHI for short and we feel sure that now is a great time to consider switching from expensive and unsustainable fossil fuel heating to renewable wood pellet stove heating. Wood pellet stoves are relatively new to the UK but are fast becoming the primary heat source for homes in Europe and other countries. They run on waste wood products and burn exceptionally efficiently at up to 95% – saving you money on fuel and causing less harm to the environment. The fuel is much cheaper than oil or bottled gas plus the RHI initiative pays you back each month for every KW used. Also there is potential help with installation costs.

So why are the government giving funding to help people swap to Pellet Stoves? With the global impact of future fuel sources dominating the thoughts of the energy market, the Department of Energy & Climate Change announced how they plan to tackle UK emissions. Entitled the Renewable Heat Incentive (or domestic RHI) the Government aim to incentivise the estimated four million consumers currently off the gas grid to switch over to renewable fuel sources (such as solar and biomass) from the unsustainable fossil fuels that dominate the market today (oil and LPG) via payments back to the consumer in relation to the output needs of their home.

The domestic RHI is a joint venture, pooling the resources of numerous industry bodies into one structured plan of action to tackle the emissions output of the UK in the short-term (15% of energy to come from renewable sources by 2020) and the long-term (zero emissions from heating homes by 2050). Administered by Ofgem, certified by the MCS and overseen by the Energy Saving Trust, new applications are welcomed from most homeowners (some exclusions apply) with legacy application dates set to be staggered throughout the year. Addressing five renewable heating systems, the DECC has set its opening tariff for Biomass Pellet Stoves with Integrated Boilers at an acceptable 12.2p p/kW of deemed output for the seven year lifespan of the incentive but be warned, the tariff is subject to review and reduction if pre-determined degression triggers are hit. For a full and comprehensive look at the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive please visit our Glowing Embers ‘RHI Overview’ which can be found at: RHI Explained.

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