12 Year Shieldmaster Manufacturer’s Warranty

12 Year Shieldmaster Manufacturer’s Warranty Terms

Shieldmaster insulated twin wall is precision engineered to be free from defects in both construction and material and is covered for a period of twelve years from date of purchase by the manufacturer’s warranty, upon completion of a Shieldmaster Warranty Form only.

Glowing Embers will provide like for like components only free of charge excluding any installation or consequential loss or costs. Replacement items claimed under this warranty will be provided only to the original consumer.

The Shieldmaster 12yr manufacturer’s warranty is only valid if installed in accordance with all information contained within the official Shieldmaster Installation Guide (copies available for download or upon request), complies with all current building regulations (Approved Document J England & Wales / Section L Northern Ireland / Section F of Building Standards Scotland) and signed off by a member of the Competent Persons Scheme (Hetas), Local Building Control Body or Gas Safe (Gas)/OFTEC (Oil) heating engineer. Products must be installed for their intended purpose only. Products must be connected to a CE approved appliance listed with an accredited testing laboratory.

Any and all single skin components of the Shieldmaster range may show signs of vulnerability to the by-products of solid fuel combustion if the system is not regularly maintained by sweeping and no chemical cleaning agents used, evidence of which must be provided with any warranty claim.

Only Hetas approved solid fuels and untreated, seasoned (less than 20% moisture) wood may be used with Shieldmaster Twin Wall.

It is the end users responsibility to ensure Shieldmaster Twin Wall is suitably protected against potentially hazardous external environmental influences. This particularly concerns exposed, coastal locations.

Performance certificates (stove and chimney) and Hetas registration certificates will be requested and verified upon any claim under this manufacturer’s warranty before any action is taken.

A Shieldmaster warranty form will be included within every Shieldmaster purchase and must be completed and returned to Glowing Embers or the warranty is null and void. Copies of the Shieldmaster warranty form can be requested from Glowing Embers.

9 thoughts on “12 Year Shieldmaster Manufacturer’s Warranty”

  1. Could you please explain how the end user is supposed to
    “suitably protect shieldmaster twin wall flue against potentially hazardous external environmental influences. This particularly concerns exposed, coastal locations”.
    Does this make the warrenty invalid if the flue is near the coast?

    1. This can be achieved using a specialist protective coating or by having the product professionaly painted. And I’m afraid it will hinder the warranty, yes.

  2. Am I to understand that you will you only honour the warranty if the product has a “specialist protective coating” added to it?
    Could you also explain what the specialist protective coating is?

    1. I’m afraid so yes, due to the corrosive nature of the elements in coastal locations and their affect on uncoated metals.

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