How to light a multi-fuel stove with coal

Lighting a multi-fuel stove with coal is pretty similar to light any fire, only with the addition to the wood needed to start it. This easy, step-by-step guide will show you how to light your multi-fuel stove in no time at all and show you how easy it is to achieve.

Step One: Prepare the stove

First of all, clear out any excess debris at the bottom of the stove, such as ash and charcoal, including the ash pan below the grate. Make sure to leave a thin layer at the bottom of the fire box however as this will help insulate the fire when you start it. Finally, open up the Air wash and Primary Air control system to allow air into the firebox and keep the stove glass clean.

Step Two: Building up a base for the fire

Before doing anything, you will need a base upon which the fire can take hold. This is done by first placing a firelighter or two at the centre of the fire box. Make sure this is behind the log guard at the front. Around the firelighters build a small pyramid using kindling, leaving plenty of gaps to allow air to fow to the fire.

Step Three: Lighting the fire

With the firebase built, use a match or a lighter to light the firelighters. Allow these to burn and for the kindling to catch alight and, when burning vigorously, carefully add more kindling to the firebase. Make sure you do not smother the fire however and only begin adding larger pieces of wood when the blaze has taken hold. At this point, close the stove door but making sure to leave a small gap to allow the fire to breathe.

Step Four: Adding coal

When the fire seems to be burning well and white embers begin to form at the bottom of the fire, you can start adding coal to the fire. Carefully open the stove door using a heat proof handle or a thick cloth and then gently begin adding a few small coals to the firebase. Be careful not to collapse the firebase at this point as this could smother the fire.

As the first few coals begin to catch fire and glow you can then start adding more and larger coals on top of these, making sure to stack them with gaps in between the coals. Now you can enjoy a glowing coal fire inside your multi-fuel stove, topping up the coal when needed.

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