Building Regulations

Wood burning stove installations fall under legal Building Regulations and all installations must meet these requirements. All installations must be signed off either by your local council or by a HETAS registered engineer.

This current edition of Approved Document J (Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems), has been updated and replaces the previous 2010 edition.

It incorporates amendments made to reflect any changes arising as a result of the Building Regulations 2010. The changes mainly reflect regulation number changes as a result of re-ordering. There have been no amendments to the substantive requirements in Schedule 1 (ie Parts A to P) of the Building Regulations.

To download the full guide click here.

4 thoughts on “Building Regulations”

  1. Hi. I’m interested In purchasing a log burner from yous.

    My chimney opening is
    530mm wide
    800mm high
    360mm depth

    What’s the best log burner for me to buy and install.


  2. Hi,
    I purchased the KRATKI JAS 7KW INSET WOOD BURNING STOVE – JAS/PF from you in Dec 2019.
    Can this stove be converted with a DEFRA smoke control kit?
    If it can which product would I need?
    Thanks in advance

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