Henley Stoves warranty terms

Henley stoves have a five year manufacturer’s warranty which must be registered online at www.henleystoves.com upon receipt of the stove.

The manufacturer’s warranty covers the body of the stove for five calendar years and the riddle grate for one calendar year.

Components that are subject to wear and tear (also referred to as perishable or moveable parts) through the standard operation of the stove are not covered by this warranty. These components include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Glass
  • Rope Seals
  • Baffle Plate
  • Outlet Collar
  • Insulating Fire Bricks
  • Operational Handles
  • Detachable Legs

The stove installation must be signed off (certified) by a registered installer, Building Control Body or local authority to validate the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty is null and void if this is not adhered to. The warranty is also void if the stove is installed without legs.

All replaceable components that do not fall under the manufacturer’s warranty can be purchased from Glowing Embers. Please contact us on 01376 555182 with any warranty issues.

2 thoughts on “Henley Stoves warranty terms”

  1. We have a Henley stove it was fitted coming up to 5 years we have noticed to the back inside plate is cracked ,is this normal what should we do as the shop that installed it called THE FIREPLACE SHOP has now closed down.

    Many thanks


    1. The fire bricks which line fireboxes – intended to insulate the firebox, keeping the heat within the stove – are perishable items and will require replacing. If you contact the Glowing Embers sales team on 01376 555182, they shall be able to assist with sourcing replacements for you.

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