Wood Burning Stoves becoming consumer’s preference

The modern wood burning stoves have known a significant rise in popularity mainly because they can be noticeably cheaper than the conventional heating systems which operate on oil, gas and electricity and whose prices depend more on global economics than consumer preference. A log burner seems like the ideal heating solution in the present climate, its purchase price and life expectancy being more reasonable than other alternatives.

Compacted paper, wood and other forms of biomass fuel have also been recommended over traditional fuels by the British Government because of their increased environmentally friendly characteristics. The number one recommendation is eco-fuel, which results from the processing of waste wood products, because its burning attributes are outstanding and it produces very small amounts of residual waste.

Comparisons between wood burning stoves and open fires are common enough, but there are significant advantages to using a wood burning stove. For example, their efficiency rating is higher than open fires and their burning rate can be controlled much more easily. The fuel consumption is lower than that of an open fire and the design of stoves is conceived so that the heat the wood burning stove produces spreads across the room instead of exiting up through the chimney.

Glowing Embers continuously monitors changes in product development and the new products manufacturers bring onto the market. We are always looking to make our prices reasonable, affordable and competitive. As demand for wood burning stoves increases in line with the changing consumer perception of fuel usage and heating options, we aim to grow and expand to offer our customers a greater choice than a lot of our competitors.

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