Reina Nerox Designer Stainless Steel Single Horizontal Radiator - Brushed

Reina Nerox Designer Stainless Steel Single Horizontal Radiator - Brushed

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Technical Data

  • Warranty:
    25 year(s)

This REINA Nerox Single radiator is constructed from high quality stainless steel and has a contemporary design. The radiator comes with a 25 year warranty - more information on the warranty can be found in the separate tab.

This particular model of radiator features:

Option for Duel Fuel (Central Heating and/or Electric Use)

Finish options are available

Unique styling providing a greater aesthetic look and feel

Compliant to EN 442 Standards meeting the requirements to operate at a temperature which makes better use of energy


600 x 413mm - BTU 1577 - Watts 462 - Pipe Centres 413mm

600 x 590mm - BTU 2254 - Watts 661 - Pipe Centres 590mm

600 x 826mm - BTU 3155 - Watts 925 - Pipe Centres 826mm

600 x 1003mm - BTU 3884 - Watts 1139 - Pipe Centres 1003mm

600 x 1180mm - BTU 4508 - Watts 1322 - Pipe Centres 1180mm

Note, image shown: 600 x 826 single brushed

Established in 2005 and still privately owned, REINA continues to innovate and create more products than any other company in this field and with some tremendous features, energy efficiency and outstanding designs. The immense variety of sizes, shapes and styles of radiators allows for a plethora of choice in relation to functionality and looks, fitting in with any interior no matter how simple or unique it might be. It is a pleasure to be an exclusive supplier of Reina Radiators and we know you will be delighted with a product that does more than just add warmth.

Please note, this item will incur an additional charge to be shipped to the following postcodes: AB31-AB38, AB40-AB56, IV1-28, IV30-32, IV36-40, IV52-54, IV63, KW1-14, PA1-PA38, PH4-PH41, PH49-PH50, HS, IV41-49, IV51,55,56, KA27-28, KW15-17, PA20, PA41-PA49, PA60-78 and PH42-44. Any orders placed for this item and to be shipped to one of the included postcodes will be contacted the following working day with regards to the carriage surcharge. Alternatively, please call the Glowing Embers sales team prior to purchasing to receive a quote for shipping.

  • Fuel: DUAL FUEL - Central Heating and/or Electric
  • Wall To Pipe Centres (mm): 65
  • Wall Distance (mm): 103
  • EN 442 Standards Compliant

REINA will use reasonable endeavours to make over to the buyer the benefit of this warranty. The guarantee is offered subject to the goods being correctly operated and installed by a competent approved installer. Any alteration to the specification of the goods using non-approved parts or correct installation shall invalidate the guarantee.

The Seller shall have sole discretion deciding whether to replace or repair an item which is agreed as faulty. In cases of replacement the Seller reserves the right to offer the nearest equivalent product where the original is not available. The Sellers liability is limited to the repair or supply of the replacement product and does not include costs incurred in effecting a replacement.

Under no circumstances will the Seller or his servants, agents or subcontractors be liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever (except arising from death or personal injury) whether consequential or otherwise caused directly or indirectly by negligence on the Sellers part or part of any of the Sellers servants, agents or subcontractors in connection with or arising out of the manufacture or supply of the goods or in connection with any advice or statement given or made by or on the Sellers behalf.

The legal rights of the Purchaser, associated with the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015, takes precedence over this warranty.

There are a variety of factors which influence the BTU (British Thermal Unit) required to effectively heat a room and therefore can influence significantly the number of radiators required and the size and other specifications of those radiators. This form of measurement relates to what is considered to be an older imperial calculation, whereas Watts is a more modern internationally recognised form of measurement.

All radiators have a stated BTU which gives customers an indication of the heat output. If you have a particularly large area to heat, you could choose to have one large radiator or two or more smaller radiators. The number of radiators more than often depends on the availability of wall space that you are prepared to be used.

Below are some examples as to the BTU output required to heat rooms (in the calculation it is assumed that these rooms are double glazed) - but there are a lot of variables involved, so remember this is only a general guide.

Lounge/Dining Room 5m (L) X 5m (W) X 2.5m (H) 8400 BTU (2460 Watts), giving you between 20-22°C.

Bathroom 2.5m (L) X 2.5m (W) X 2.5m (H) 2000 BTU (585 Watts), giving you between 19-21°C.

Bedroom 4.5m (L) X 4.5m (W) X 2.5m (H) 5400 BTU (1580 Watts), giving you between 18-20°C.

Kitchen 4m (L) X 4m (W) X 2.5m (H) 3200 BTU (935 Watts), giving you between 19-21°C.

As is quite common with products of this nature, they come with a lot of technical jargon, so here is a brief guide.

What are 'Pipe Centres': this term relates to the distance (in mm) between the centre of the pipe attached to the radiator via a 90 degree join (the vertical pipe that takes the water into and out of the radiator) from the left side to the centre of the vertical pipe that protrudes out of the right side of the radiator via a 90 degree join. Sometimes it can be the same as the width of the radiator specified by the manufacturer (where the pipe goes straight into the underside of the radiator on each side), but it all depends on where those pipes are located. We recommend leaving a minimum clearance of about 200mm either side of the radiator to any fixings or other objects.

What does 'Wall to Pipe Centres' mean: this term simply relates to the distance between your wall and the centre point of the vertical pipe that takes the water into and out of the radiator. Do not be concerned by the location of the skirting board, as the radiator will be fixed above, giving ample clearance. Therefore, the location and width of the skirting board has no effect on this distance.

What is meant by 'Wall Distance': this term relates to the distance between your wall and the front of the radiator.

What are the different 'Fuel Types': some radiators are designed specifically to be connected to a central heating system (boiler); others are stand alone radiators with a built-in fixed electric heating element, while some are Dual purpose where both of these options are available.

What are the different metals that are used in manufacturing radiators: there are three principle materials, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Powder coated colouring is available on some models to match the interior décor and aesthetics of your living space.

When comparing BTU ratings for radiators from different suppliers, you must always see if they are using the same Delta Rating. Delta Ratings are used by all manufacturers and suppliers of radiators and are commonly identified as Delta T50, T60 or T70. If the Delta rating is the same for each radiator, then you can directly compare heat outputs, if not you must convert them to the same Delta Rating to accurately compare.

In calculating the BTU of any Reina radiator, they use the industry reference and calculation relating to the 'Delta T70' rating - so if you want to compare the output of Reina radiators to the output of other manufacturers radiators who employ the reference 'Delta T60', then simply divide the BTU we provide by 1.223 or divide by 1.545 for 'Delta T50'; more about this in a minute.

Each Delta rating uses temperatures of both the boiler water and the room in which the radiator is located. For example, the use of the reference 'Delta T60' assumes that the temperature of the water going out of the boiler is 90 degrees and returning into the boiler at 70 degrees; therefore averaging 80 degrees. The industry then assumes that the average temperature of a room in which the radiator is located is about 20 degrees. The figure 60 (from T60) comes from subtracting the average room temperature from the average temperature of the water as it flows through the system (80 minus 20).

Reina uses the industry reference 'Delta T70' assuming that the temperature of the water is potentially higher than this and leaves the boiler at 100 degrees and returns into the boiler at 80. So here, the figure 70 comes from subtracting the average room temperature from the average temperature of the water as it flows through the system (90 minus 20).

Some companies use the reference 'Delta T50'; from the above examples you can work out where the figure 50 comes from.

It should be noted that Watts are not changed by this and should always be consistent between radiators no matter what BTU rating is used.

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