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Dinak DW Twin Wall Chimney Flue

Compared to the Convesa range, Dinak DW Twin Wall contains a wider selection of components but still boasts 316 grade stainless steel inner skin, 0.4mm thick walls and a layer of 30mm compressed Rockwool for its excellent insulating properties. This brand is also fully HETAS approved and comes with a 10yr manufacturer's warranty.

Please note, Locking Bands must be purchased separately and do not come attached to Dinak pipes.

Please browse through our 5" (125mm) and 6" (150mm) internal diameter ranges below, or you can speak to our friendly team on: 01376 555 182.

HETAS Approved
HETAS is the official body recognised by the government to certify stove and flue installations. Dinak DW is listed in their official guide as approved for use in the UK on appliances burning solid fuel.

CE Approved
Products manufactured in the European Union which are to be sold in other EU countries must be CE certified. Dinak DW has been tested and certified.