Wiking Mini 2 4.5kw Defra Wood Burning Stove With Low Legs

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Wiking Mini 2 4.5kw Defra Wood Burning Stove With Low Legs

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Technical Data

  • Style:
  • DEFRA Approved:
  • Fuel:
    Wood Only
  • Construction:
  • Output (kW):
  • External Height:
  • External Width:
  • External Depth:
  • Efficiency (%):
  • Warranty:
    5 year(s)
  • Max Log Length (mm):
  • Outlet Diameter (mm):
  • Outlet Diameter (inches):
  • Distance from sides to Combustibles (mm):
  • Distance from rear to Combustibles (mm):
  • Primary Air:
  • Secondary Air:
  • Weight (kg):
  • Outlet Location:

The Mini 2 has a solid cast iron bottom in the combustion chamber and a robust cast iron door. This is a relatively highly efficient and a delightful small stove with a heat output very suitable for a small room. Note, there are two other models available, one with longer legs or without legs if preferred.

Wiking Automatic

In a Wiking wood-burning stove, the regulation of air during lighting and re-stocking is managed automatically through the Wiking Automatic device. A heat-sensitive bimetallic spring expands or contracts depending on the temperature in the wood-burning stove.

The Wiking Automatic offers many advantages including:

  • Better comfort
  • Easier lighting
  • Clean and efficient combustion
  • Minor impact on the environment

The combustion chamber

All Wiking stoves have a highly-insulated combustion chamber of Vermiculite plates. Vermiculite is a natural material originating from Africa, which has superior insulating capacity combined with a low weight when compared to firebricks from other manufacturers. The Vermiculite plates ensure a temperature increase which is fast enough for the combustion to be clean and efficient.

Design Features

  • Automatic Control
  • Unique Door Locking System
  • Top Or Rear Flue

Due to the exclusivity of these beautiful stoves, they are hand crafted to order. Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery.

  • HETAS Approved: Yes

All WIKING products (part of the HWAM brand) are of high-quality craftsmanship, manufactured in first-class materials and subject to a thorough quality control process. That is why the company are convinced that you have purchased a product that will function problem-free for many years to come. Should a problem arise, however, you are naturally guaranteed the best possible service available.

In addition to the rights you have in accordance with the ordinary rules of the Sale of Goods Act, HWAM provides an extended, five-year right to submit claims from the date of purchase. You must save your original receipt with purchase date as proof of the date of purchase. The extended complaint entitlement covers the basic construction of the stove such as panel components, welding, etc., and includes components which must be replaced or repaired in accordance with HWAM’s evaluation. Wear parts are not covered by the guarantee.

The complaint entitlement is given to the first buyer of the product and cannot be transferred (except in connection with resale). The complaint entitlement is only valid in the country to which the product was originally delivered.

Shipping and handling expenses incurred when sending the stove or individual parts for replacement or repair will not be covered by HWAM. Certain things are not covered by the guarantee, and the right to invoke lack conformity may lapse if the stove is not maintained and operated in accordance with the instructions. Among other things, this applies to the following: Faults or damage arising through: • Incorrect fitting, installation or connection of the stove. • Incorrect operation, incorrect use or misuse of the stove. • Fire, accidents or similar situations. • Repairs carried out by others than HWAM or authorised distributors. • The use of spare parts not manufactured by HWAM. • Lacking or inadequate service and maintenance. • Changes made in the product or its accessories in relation to the original state and construction of the stove. • Construction modifications made to the wood-burning stove. • If the serial number of the stove has been damaged or removed. • Deterioration of wearing parts and moving parts. • Corrosion. • Transport costs. • Transport damage. • Costs in connection with any dismantling and reassembling the stove. • Extra costs of any kind and any consequential damage that may occur.

Surface treatment: if surface treatment is lacking on the factory’s behalf, this should become apparent after the first few firings. In other respects, no claims will be accepted related to the lacquer.

Wear Parts: a number of parts of your wood-burning stove are designated as wear parts and are therefore not covered by the right to invoke a lack of conformity. Wear parts include: • Heat insulating material. Either fireproof stone or special panels made of vermiculite. • Smoke deflection plates. • Glass. • Tiles, sandstone, soapstone and natural stone. • Cast iron parts at the base, such as the grate. • Gaskets. • All moving parts. Damage to wearing parts will only be covered by the guarantee if the buyer can show that the damage was present when the stove was delivered. We recommend that you maintain the wood-burning stove and comply with the recommended inspections called for in the user instruction manual. This will help to ensure that the product functions problem-free.

Claims: all claims must be directed to the dealer from whom the wood-burning stove was purchased. HWAM does not accept claims directly from the end-user. Always provide the serial number of your stove – you will find it on the type sign on the back of the stove. Unwarranted Claims/Service Calls Before registering a claim, you should inspect your WIKING wood-burning stove for possible faults that you yourself can rectify; consult the enclosed user instruction manual as needed. Should your claim and repair demand prove to be unwarranted, you will be invoiced for the related costs.

HWAM (manufacturer of Wiking stoves), is one of Denmark's largest producer of architect-designed wood-burning stoves. The company was founded by Vagn Hvam Pedersen in 1973 and is owned and run 100% by the Hvam family. The manufacturing facility is based in Hørning, just south of Aarhus, where technology and solid craftsmanship unite. Around 80% of the stoves are exported to clients in all of Europe, with Germany as the principle market. For 40 years, HWAM has designed and produced modern, high-quality wood-burning stoves with several patented advantages – first under the name, ABC and today under the two brands, HWAM and WIKING.

All of our stoves are shipped on a priority pallet delivery directly to you. For shipping cost (if applicable) just add the product to your basket and click the estimate shipping tab. Your stoves will normally be delivered by a 7.5 ton lorry with a tail lift. The driver will have a pump truck which needs level ground. For full details on delivery, see our delivery page.

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Wiking Mini 2 4.5kw Defra Wood Burning Stove With Low Legs

Wiking Mini 2 4.5kw Defra Wood Burning Stove With Low Legs

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