Di Lusso R5 - 6.3kw Defra Wood Burning Inset Stove

Di Lusso R5 - 6.3kw Defra Wood Burning Inset Stove
Di Lusso R5 - 6.3kw Defra Wood Burning Inset Stove Di Lusso R5 - 6.3kw Defra Wood Burning Inset Stove Di Lusso R5 - 6.3kw Defra Wood Burning Inset Stove

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Technical Data

  • Type:
  • Style:
  • DEFRA Approved:
  • Eco Ready:
  • Fuel:
    Wood Only
  • Construction:
  • Output (kW):
  • External Height:
  • External Width:
  • External Depth:
  • Efficiency (%):
  • Warranty:
    1 year(s)
  • Max Log Length (mm):
  • Outlet Diameter (mm):
  • Outlet Diameter (inches):
  • Distance from sides to Combustibles (mm):
  • Primary Air:
  • Secondary Air:
  • Weight (kg):
  • Outlet Location:

The Di Lusso R5 6.3kw is a Defra Approved Wood Burning Inset Stove. The Di Lusso R5 offers a stunning focal point, whilst utilising space efficiently. The R5 features Di Lusso's flame blade technology, which introduces a fourth stream of air into the firebox ensuring a more complete combustion of the fuel with lower emissions, even at lower temperatures and features Di Lusso's dynamic control system, which allows you complete power over the temperature output by using the rotating dial to increase or decrease the heat output between 3 - 13kw.

Key Features:

  • The Hot Air Wash Technology does the work for you. A secondary air wash maintains a stream of air between fuel and door, reducing the build-up of carbon deposits on the glass.
  • Exact Air Delivery (EAD) Flame Technology is a cutting-edge system that ensures a more complete combustion of the fuel used. It has been developed to maximize heat extraction and to further lower emissions even at lower burn temperatures.
  • The Dynamic Control allows the user to increase or decrease the stove’s burn with just the turn of a dial, which is cleverly hidden behind the integrated door handle.
  • The Di Lusso R5 Inset stove can be converted to a multifuel stove with the optional multi fuel grate.
  • 3 or 4 sided frame available as an optional extra.

The Di Lusso R5 Wood Burning Stove has an energy rating of A+.

User and Installation Instructions

All Hunter stoves come with a 1 year warranty period. As a rough guide, this stove's output is suitable for a room measuring in the region of 19ft (L) X 19ft (W) X 8ft (H) non-open plan with average insulation properties.

The following is the standard warranty as published by Hunter Stoves. However, as Volsom Ltd is an Internet Supplier, Hunter only provides a 1-year guarantee (see notes in 'capitals' below).

“Your appliance must have been installed by an appropriately qualified engineer (HETAS or Gas-Safe in the UK) in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and in compliance of any relevant national or local building regulations. The appliance will need to be registered within two months of purchase and the commissioning and installation documentation completed (these need to be kept by the end user).

The appliance must be serviced within 12 months of the installation date for the second year of the standard warranty to be valid, and within every 12-month anniversary thereafter to maintain the validity and coverage of any extended warranty. For this purpose, the installation and user instructions, supplied with the appliance, makes a provision for receipts and annual services to be recorded. This is needed in the event of a claim during the warranty period. Only genuine Hunter Stoves spare parts or consumables can be used in the servicing and maintenance of the appliance during any standard or extended warranty period. These can be sourced from your authorised supplier (Volsom Ltd, Braintree) or through www.hunterstoves.co.uk/spares.

Any problems or issues giving rise to any claim under the standard or extended warranty must be submitted to the authorised Hunter Stoves Group retailer from whom you originally purchased the appliance. Hunter Stoves Group will then offer appropriate support and help through your original authorised supplier to solve any issues. The standard or extended warranty option is not transferable. It is solely for the benefit of the original purchaser of the appliance. For this purpose please retain the proof of purchase.

Warranty exclusions

No warranty period is extended to naturally-wearing replaceable consumables and spare parts within the appliance. Such parts include, but are not limited to:

Glass and rope/ceramic seals, Fire bricks, Baffles/Throat plates, Log retainers, grate supports & catch bars, Grate parts, Ash-pans, Clip-in Boilers. Also, the paint or surface covering of the appliance - damage to the paint surface caused by the appliance being stored in a damp and cold environment is not covered on the warranty (in the course of the initial firings of the appliance the paint or enamel surface may change colour - this is considered to be normal and as such is therefore not covered by the warranty. In addition, damaged caused by over firing, resulting in cracking, bubbling or discolouration to the paint or enamelled surface finish is not covered by the warranty.

Warranty limitations

Damage to the appliance due to specific local conditions caused by draft or chimney defects. Damage resulting from installation and use where installation is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or local building and/or safety regulations. Damage or premature wear caused by burning inappropriate fuels such as Bituminous coal, “Petro-Coke” or any other Petroleum based coals. Please visit the HETAS website, www.hetas.co.uk, for a full list of approved fuels which are covered by the warranty. Fuels outside of this list are not covered by the warranty. Damage caused by burning material with high creosote content or any other painted/treated timber.

Consequential loss to associated non-Hunter Stoves Group products is not covered under the warranty. Consequential loss relating to decorations, soft furnishings or other household assets is not covered under the warranty. Cost associated with the removal and re-installation of an appliance subject to a warranty claim. Hunter Stoves Group total liability will only extend to the total purchase price paid for the goods in any warranty claim. Hunter Stoves Group reserve the right to replace, repair or refund to value of goods purchased.


This standard/extended warranty applies to purchases of Hunter Stoves within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Purchases in all other countries are subject to the warranty conditions specified by the distributer in those markets.”

To register the warranty please click on the following link:

Hunter Stoves website – warranty registration

Hunter Stoves (Mells) Group was originally founded in 1970 in the South West of England, and is widely thought to be the first UK-based wood stove manufacturer; initially producing steel stoves with built-in boilers to run small and medium sized central heating systems. In 2003, Hunter Stoves bought the Parkray brand and moved its operations to the Exeter factory, continuing to develop both the Parkray and Hunter brands.

In 2008, Hunter Stoves Ltd bought a site in Camelford, Cornwall, and initially re-located the Research and Development department there, but it now incorporates the manufacturing of the stoves as well. In 2015 they rebranded as the Hunter Stoves Group, bringing all stove brands under the Hunter Stoves Group umbrella, including Herald, HS Gas, Di Lusso, Avalon, Cleanburn, Eco-ideal and Parkray brands. There are over 200 different designs of multifuel and wood stoves across the brands. The company employs over 55 people and distributes to most western European countries, South Africa, New Zealand and Japan.

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Di Lusso R5 - 6.3kw Defra Wood Burning Inset Stove

Di Lusso R5 - 6.3kw Defra Wood Burning Inset Stove

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