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Chimney Installation Kits

Our Chimney Fitting Kits are designed to provide an easy way to purchase all of the parts needed to connect a flue liner to your stove pipe. To select the right kit for your installation you can use the table below to narrow down the options. You have two main choices – some kits are for chimneys with chimney pots and some are for those with just a chimney stack. Additionally, you need to choose a kit based on if you will be increasing the diameter of flue between the stove pipe and flue liner or not – more details below.

Please note that apart from these kits and the correct length of flue liner, you will need to select the correct diameter stove pipe to fit your stove's outlet and a register plate to block your chimney.

Installation Kit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Installations with chimney pot
Installations with no chimney pot
Includes increasing adapter

Installations with chimney pot: these kits are suitable for installation in a chimney that has a chimney pot on top of the chimney stack. Chimney pots are round clay funnels which sit on top of the brick chimney stack and are very common in the UK. These kits come with a hanging cowl that fit to the top of your chimney pot and the liner literally hangs from it. You can choose from terracotta or stainless steel cowl versions of these kits, with terracotta designed to match in colour better with most chimney pots.

Installations with no chimney pot: these kits are designed to be fitted to the top of a brick chimney stack that does not have a chimney pot on top, or where you plan to remove the chimney pot. You will need to cement the top plate to the top of the chimney stack and use the attachments provided to hang the liner through this.

Includes increasing adapter: an adaptor is the part that joins your single walled stove pipe (that connects to the outlet of your stove) to your flexible flue liner. As standard, kits come with an adaptor that is designed to connect the stove pipe to flue liner of the same diameter – ie from 6" stove pipe to 6" flue liner. Where indicated with a bullet, this part is designed to connect a flue liner that is 1" diameter greater than your stove pipe – for instance 5" stove pipe to 6" flue liner, this can sometimes be required by building regs or is preferable. Please note that it is never possible to decrease the diameter of flue at any point in your system, accordingly our adaptors are only ever designed to increase.



Contents of the Kits

Installation Kit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Adapter to liner
Increasing adapter to liner
Nose cone / notice plate
Top plate / clamp / insert sleeve
Rain cap
Stainless hanging cowl
Terracotta hanging cowl
Stainless anti-downdraught hanging cowl
Terracotta anti-downdraught hanging cowl

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