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Bronpi Stoves

Bronpi are a Spanish stove manufacturer (based in Spain, founded in 1985 by Joaquin Pimentel & Pilar Moyanno) with a reputation for combining innovative burning technology with traditional designs to produce a broad range of efficient wood burners, rustic cookers and contemporary inset stoves.

Constructed using the highest quality components, you can rest assured every Bronpi stove has been produced with care from high quality cast iron to 316 grade stainless steel and Vitro ceramic glass. To compliment the elegant styling and construction, many Bronpi stoves are equipped as standard with market leading innovations such as the Double Chamber and Double Combustion systems which contribute to the impressive output, efficiency and combustion figures achieved by these multi-fuel and wood burning stoves.

Please note, European stoves feature a male spigot as an outlet collar and require an additional Continental Stove Adapter or Double Socket Adaptor in the relevant diameter to connect standard single wall stove pipes...

Bronpi also develop a range of MCS certified pellet boiler stoves to meet the demands of the growing renewable energy market. These technologically advanced biomass boilers offer the ultimate in control over the operation of the boiler with thermostats, timers and sensors monitoring every stage of combustion, ignition and fuel delivery.