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Enamel Stoves

Enamel stoves make your standard multifuel stove look just that bit more special. They become much more personalised, allowing you to match your stove with your home decoration and tastes as well as allowing your stove to stand out, rather than be generally unnoticed. Enamel stoves have a long lasting, fade resistant coating of toughened, coloured glass to make them shine and radiate style as well as heat.

Why choose an enamel stove?

It is really just a question of taste, an enamel stove just adds that extra spark and zest of personality to something that can be seen as just a functional item. If you are looking for an efficient and cosy way to heat your home but also want a stunning centre piece to your room, then an enamel stove may be preferable to you.

How to maintain an enamel stove

Enamel stoves need very little maintenance, beyond the usual care and maintenance of a multifuel stove. The enamelled stove's glossy coating is very tough and protective and should simply wipe clean if the stove gathers dust or begins to blacken.

How to install a multifuel stove

This initially depends upon whether you are installing it through an existing chimney or as a stand-alone stove. Please see our guides on installing through a chimney and installing using a twin wall flue system.

If you require any further assistance then please do contact us on: 01376 555 182