12 Year Shieldmaster Manufacturer’s Warranty

12 Year Shieldmaster Manufacturer’s Warranty Terms

Shieldmaster insulated twin wall is precision engineered to be free from defects in both construction and material and is covered for a period of twelve years from date of purchase by the manufacturer’s warranty, upon completion of a Shieldmaster Warranty Form only.

Glowing Embers will provide like for like components only free of charge excluding any installation or consequential loss or costs. Replacement items claimed under this warranty will be provided only to the original consumer.

The Shieldmaster 12yr manufacturer’s warranty is only valid if installed in accordance with all information contained within the official Shieldmaster Installation Guide (copies available for download or upon request), complies with all current building regulations (Approved Document J England & Wales / Section L Northern Ireland / Section F of Building Standards Scotland) and signed off by a member of the Competent Persons Scheme (Hetas), Local Building Control Body or Gas Safe (Gas)/OFTEC (Oil) heating engineer. Products must be installed for their intended purpose only. Products must be connected to a CE approved appliance listed with an accredited testing laboratory.

Any and all single skin components of the Shieldmaster range may show signs of vulnerability to the by-products of solid fuel combustion if the system is not regularly maintained by sweeping and no chemical cleaning agents used, evidence of which must be provided with any warranty claim.

Only Hetas approved solid fuels and untreated, seasoned (less than 20% moisture) wood may be used with Shieldmaster Twin Wall.

It is the end users responsibility to ensure Shieldmaster Twin Wall is suitably protected against potentially hazardous external environmental influences. This particularly concerns exposed, coastal locations.

Performance certificates (stove and chimney) and Hetas registration certificates will be requested and verified upon any claim under this manufacturer’s warranty before any action is taken.

A Shieldmaster warranty form will be included within every Shieldmaster purchase and must be completed and returned to Glowing Embers or the warranty is null and void. Copies of the Shieldmaster warranty form can be requested from Glowing Embers.

Why do I need a stove thermometer?

Unlike many forms of heating, a wood burning or multi fuel stove has no readout informing you what temperature your appliance is actually operating at. Although this may not seem like an issue at first, having no way to determine how hot your stove is running will lead to either over- or under- fuelling.

 Over fuelling a log burner in the attempt to increase the heat output can be an inefficient waste of time, fuel and money. Your stove is rated to a specific KW output and attempting to raise this with more fuel will at best just be lost up the chimney, at worst, it will over-fire, decrease the lifespan of the burner and affect the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. A thermometer allows you to avoid this costly user error.

 The opposite of the above is to under fuel your stove and running it too cold. This will cause an ineffective draw, blackened glass, carbon monoxide slumping down the flue system and deposits of creosotes in the chimney which in extreme cases can lead to chimney fires. A thermometer allows you to avoid this potentially fatal error.

 A Stove Pipe Thermometer is an inexpensive and very useful accessory, it simply magnetically attaches to your flue pipe a minimum of 300mm above your stove and once in place will allow you to quickly see how your stove is performing.

 Our Stove Pipe Thermometers feature a temperature gauge for accurate readout and a visual guide to tell you what these temperatures mean in regards to the optimum performance and efficiency of your stove and fuel.

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Stove Fans

You’ve installed your beautiful new stove and its roaring away but do you suspect you may not be basking in the direct heat you had hoped for? This can be a side effect of radiant stoves due to the natural cycle of hot air rising off the stove only to be replaced by cooler air filling its place, creating cold spots in your home.

Although the ability to manipulate the density of cold air molecules preventing them from sinking may be beyond us, we do have an alternate and affordable solution to this common issue…

Woolly Mammoth Stove Fans are designed to counter this problem by sitting discreetly atop your stove and evenly circulating the heat on air patterns created by the rotating blades to reduce hot and cold spots in the room. The increased efficiency and reach of heat output will result in less trips to refuel the burner, reduced fuel costs and increased enjoyment.

The stove fan is effectively an engine that uses the heat differential between the base of the unit and the top of the fan to drive the motor which in turn, turns the blades. Place your fan on one side at the back edge of the stove. In this position, it will draw cooler air from the back of the stove area.

The ideal operating temperature is between 205°c and 345°c. A stove thermometer is also essential for ensuring the temperature does not exceed 345°c. When the stove temperature falls below approx. 85°c the fan will cease to turn. If possible leave a gap of 150mm 6” between the back of the fan and the wall.

Reasons to buy a stove fan

  1. A heat-powered fan designed to circulate the warm air created by a wood or multifuel stove. Improved warm air circulation results in greater comfort and less fuel consumption.
  2. Costs absolutely nothing to run… Using the heat from the stove, it is the most economical way to effectively circulate warm air. No cables, plugs or batteries are required.
  3. Stylish black design which blends into décor easily.

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Please note, reduced heat output can be a by-product of issues with the draw created by the flue system and/or poor fuel. Please see our trouble-shooting guide for further information…