How to Keep Your Wood Burning Stove Running

You should not have too many difficulties in making a fire in a wood burning stove and keeping it burning. There is no standard ignition procedure because it all depends on the stove and its user. However, the first step usually consists in opening the air vent found at the bottom of the stove and it is followed by a thorough check for any kind of debris that might block the airflow. The state of the grate should also be checked. Surprisingly enough, it should not be perfectly clean, but covered with a bit of ash for more heat retention and a longer burn time. However, the remaining ash should not block the airflow.

Once these checks have been completed, you can proceed with the proper ignition of the log burner. First you need to take some crumpled paper, throw it on the grate and then throw a few pieces of kindling wood onto it. Naturally they will burn out very shortly, but they are very effective. You can use pieces of softwood of all sizes to make kindling wood. Just chop them into small pieces and your ignition material is ready. You need to make sure there is enough kindling wood on the grate, otherwise your wood burning stove will not light up, though also ensure you prevent any airflow blockages. Then add a layer of larger wood pieces and ignite the paper. You should always leave igniting the front parts of the kindling to the end, otherwise you might burn your hand. Now you can close the door.

Once the kindling wood has caught fire, you can start throwing logs onto it and then wait for your room to heat up. You can throw in as many logs as you want to maintain the fire, but you should avoid cramming the stove. If you have a multi fuel stove, you can maintain the fire by throwing coal onto the fire instead of logs.

The burn rate and temperature of a log burner can be adjusted. These adjustments are made by controlling the air vent, which is the part of the stove that determines these two parameters. Once you have made these adjustments, you can sit back and enjoy the fire in your wood burning stove and the warmth of your house.

New Government Funding Announced To Help People Change From Oil Or Bottled Gas To Wood Pellet Heating

If you heat your home with oil or bottled LPG gas then this scheme could save you a lot of money from your heating bill. At Glowing Embers we have had a sneak preview of the funding, dubbed the Renewable Heat Initiative or RHI for short and we feel sure that now is a great time to consider switching from expensive and unsustainable fossil fuel heating to renewable wood pellet stove heating. Wood pellet stoves are relatively new to the UK but are fast becoming the primary heat source for homes in Europe and other countries. They run on waste wood products and burn exceptionally efficiently at up to 95% – saving you money on fuel and causing less harm to the environment. The fuel is much cheaper than oil or bottled gas plus the RHI initiative pays you back each month for every KW used. Also there is potential help with installation costs.

So why are the government giving funding to help people swap to Pellet Stoves? With the global impact of future fuel sources dominating the thoughts of the energy market, the Department of Energy & Climate Change announced how they plan to tackle UK emissions. Entitled the Renewable Heat Incentive (or domestic RHI) the Government aim to incentivise the estimated four million consumers currently off the gas grid to switch over to renewable fuel sources (such as solar and biomass) from the unsustainable fossil fuels that dominate the market today (oil and LPG) via payments back to the consumer in relation to the output needs of their home.

The domestic RHI is a joint venture, pooling the resources of numerous industry bodies into one structured plan of action to tackle the emissions output of the UK in the short-term (15% of energy to come from renewable sources by 2020) and the long-term (zero emissions from heating homes by 2050). Administered by Ofgem, certified by the MCS and overseen by the Energy Saving Trust, new applications are welcomed from most homeowners (some exclusions apply) with legacy application dates set to be staggered throughout the year. Addressing five renewable heating systems, the DECC has set its opening tariff for Biomass Pellet Stoves with Integrated Boilers at an acceptable 12.2p p/kW of deemed output for the seven year lifespan of the incentive but be warned, the tariff is subject to review and reduction if pre-determined degression triggers are hit. For a full and comprehensive look at the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive please visit our Glowing Embers ‘RHI Overview’ which can be found at: RHI Explained.

Glowing Embers Featured In National Press Again

Glowing Embers have been selected by the Wotherspoon family of Bolton to contribute to a unique home and garden design project being filmed for Channel 4 and featuring across the national press.

The popular design show ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ followed the efforts of the family to create a Lord of the Rings inspired warren at the foot of their suburban garden complete with a special wood burning stove. The family sought out the technical expertise and extensive product ranges of Glowing Embers to help with this truly unique stove and flue installation. Considering the one-off requirements of this project, the stove selected was the Alpine Rosa 5kw multi-fuel for its traditional design and suitable output.

This design project was also covered by the two major newspapers The Sunday Times and The Daily Mail and feature on the front cover of the HOME supplement. Both articles include wonderful shots of this underground hideaway, illustrating the Alpine Rosa stove sitting at home both complimenting and completing this cosy and unique build.

Warranty Terms – General Information

The manufacturer’s warranties that govern exactly which components (if any) are covered varies from brand to brand. Although the industry standard may be a one or two year guarantee, a growing number of manufacturers are covering their products with five, seven and even lifetime warranties.

It is worth noting prior to purchasing a new stove that a typical manufacturer’s warranty will only cover the body of the stove and will not include any movable components which require replacing during the typical lifespan of a stove due to wear and tear. Sometimes referred to as perishable or replaceable parts, these generally include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Insulating Fire Bricks (vermiculite or cast iron)
  • Rope Seals
  • Sealants
  • High Temp. Coatings
  • Grates
  • Baffle Plates
  • Glass
  • Operational Handles
  • Detachable Legs

A warranty is only valid if the stove installation has been signed off (certified) by a registered installer, building control body or local authority and serviced regularly. All warranties are invalid if this is not adhered to. Installation of replacement parts and consequential costs are at the customer’s expense and under no circumstances will a manufacturer accept claims for damage directly or indirectly caused by a stove.

All components listed as not covered under warranty can be purchased through Glowing Embers.

As an authorized distributor of an extensive range of stoves, Glowing Embers are bound by the terms dictated within the manufacturer’s warranty and user manual. Please read the relevant warranty terms below carefully:

Alpine Collection


Henley Stoves

Bronpi Calefaccion S.L.

Bronpi Calefaccion S.L. Stoves warranty terms

Bronpi Calefaccion S.L. stoves have a seven year manufacturer’s warranty against damage to the sheet metal structure and a five year manufacturer’s warranty against the cast iron body of the stove only. The warranty is only valid if the warranty certificate has been completed and signed.

The following moveable components are covered by a reduced two year warranty:

  • Coating
  • Grille
  • Baffle Plate
  • Glass Protector For Logs
  • Electrical Systems (fans, thermostat, resistor)

Components that are subject to wear and tear (also referred to as perishable or consumable parts) through the standard operation of the stove are not covered under this or any warranty. These include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Glass
  • Fire Bricks
  • Rope Seals / Sealants
  • Outlet Collar

Bronpi Calefaccion S.L. will not cover damage resulting from any of the following:

  • Installation or usage other than described in the user manual
  • Local conditions i.e. chimney / flue issues
  • Over firing
  • Usage of wrong fuel
  • Modifications
  • Transit of the stove

The stove installation must be signed off (certified) by a registered installer, Building Control Body or local authority to validate the manufacturer’s warranty and serviced within twelve months of installation by the before mentioned. The warranty is null and void if this is not adhered to. The warranty is also void if the stove is installed without legs.

The cost of installing replacement items and all consequential costs are at the customer’s expense. Bronpi Calefaccion S.L. will under no circumstances accept compensation for direct or indirect damages caused by the product.

All replaceable components that do not fall under the manufacturer’s warranty can be purchased from Glowing Embers. Please contact us on 01376 555182 with any warranty issues.