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Oak Stoves Serenita Grand Balanced Flue Gas Stove - EX-DISPLAY

Oak Stoves Serenita Grand Balanced Flue Gas Stove - EX-DISPLAY

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Technical Data

  • Style: Modern
  • Construction: Steel
  • Output (kW): 2.00
  • External Height: 1050
  • External Width: 470
  • External Depth: 470
  • Outlet Diameter (mm): 125
  • Outlet Diameter (inches): 5
  • Weight (kg): 140.0
  • Outlet Location: Top

Please be aware that this is an EX-DISPLAY model and therefore it might be dusty, scratched slightly and/or not in the original packaging. Though it should also be noted that these stoves have NOT been sprayed or painted to look better and will function and perform exactly as a non-display model. All stoves sold as Ex-Display or Seconds are non-refundable and feature no warranty.

The Serenita is one of our brand new range of Gas Stoves which combines the beauty of a wood burning stove with the ease and simplicity of a gas burner.

These stoves are available with a Single or Duo burner, additional LPG Conversion Kit, with or without side windows and have a choice of three bodies: Compact, Pedestal or Tall.

• Balanced Flue Gas Stoves
• Natural Gas or LPG Options
• Heat Outputs from 2kW – 6kW
• Double burner technology for variable flame picture
• Low running costs and higher efficiency – remote control
• Symax System remote control gas system with smart phone app options
• Runs either on battery operated system or by mains electricity
• Eco Flame setting for lower running costs
• Timer settings from remote control
• Logs, Pebbles or Shingle fuel bed options
• Side window options
• British Made
• Body options (Pedestal or Grand)
• Single burner model options with manual control
• 2 Year Warranty

Please do not hesitate to telephone us if you require any further information.


It’s important to know what requirements need to be met in order to qualify for our extended 2-year warranty, as well as being aware of exactly what it covers. This warranty only applies to our freestanding gas balanced flue stoves. If you have purchased your stove from an authorised stockist within our Premium Retailer Network, then automatically your product will carry a standard 1-year warranty. The 2-year warranty can be further extended to a total warranty period of 2 years by registering your Oak Stove within 60 days of the purchase date or installation date whichever is shortest. Accordingly, the start date for the warranty period is the date of purchase. During the registration process, the Premium Retailer details will be required for your Extended Warranty to be activated. Any product purchased outside of our Premium Retailer Network will carry a standard 12-month, non-extendable warranty.

It is a condition of the Extended Warranty that the installation complies with relevant Building Regulations and the rules in force and is carried out by a suitably trained and qualified individual Gas Safe registered in the United Kingdom (or equivalent in other countries) with a certificate of installation and the appropriate commissioning report completed and retained by the end-user.

It is also a condition of the Extended Warranty that your Oak Stoves is regularly serviced (every 12 months) by a suitably trained and qualified individual Gas Safe registered in the United Kingdom (or equivalent in other countries). Records and receipts of annual services will be required in the event of a warranty claim during the period of the extended warranty. This warranty is not transferable and is extended only to, and solely for, the benefit of the original purchaser of the stove. Please retain your dated sales receipt as a proof of purchase.

During your extended warranty period, only genuine Oak spare parts must be used in the servicing and maintenance of your stove, these spare parts can be ordered via the Premium Retailer directly. Consumable items such as glass, paint, grate parts, log retainers, thermocouples, oxypilots, ceramic fuel effects, internal linings, batteries and rope seals which are either subject to normal wear and tear or parts that require replacement in connection with normal maintenance are not covered, either by the original or the Extended Warranty. The Flue system is not covered by any warranty from Oak Stoves.

Should you experience problems with your stove, any claim must be submitted first to the Premium Retailer from where the stove was purchased. Your Premium Retailer will either be able to offer immediate assistance or make contact with Oak Stoves on your behalf.

Warranty Exclusions and Limitations

No Warranty is extended to consumable service parts. Repair or replacement of parts which are subject to normal wear and tear during the warranty period or parts that will require replacement in connection with normal maintenance. Such parts include but are not limited to glass, paint, rope seals, grate parts, log retainers, thermocouples, oxypilots, ceramic fuel effects, batteries and internal linings.

The Oak Stoves Extended Warranty does not cover:

a) In normal usage the paint finish of your Oak Stove may change colour slightly. As these circumstances are considered normal, they are not covered by the warranty.

b) Enamelled components where these parts are subjected to abnormally high temperatures, chemical abrasion or thermal shocks, resulting in chipping, cracking, bubbling or discolouration and crazing of the enamelled finish.

c) Damage resulting from installation and usage where the appliance has not been installed or used in accordance with the Oak Stoves installation and operation instructions, or if the installation does not conform to local building, fire and safety regulations. This includes the entire flue system whether purchased from Oak Stoves or not.

d) Defects or faults caused by specific local conditions such as draught problems, water damage, condensation and chimney defects.

e) The Extended Warranty does not cover damage caused by over-firing of the appliance. (Please see your Installation and Operating Instructions for further information).

f) The entire flue system.

g) Misuse of the remote control including thief and water/liquid/heat damage.

h) Damage caused by unauthorised modifications, use or repair.

i) Damage or defects caused by the product being stored in a damp, unheated environment.

j) Consequential loss (to the extent permitted by law) relating to other associated products that have not been supplied by Oak Stoves.

k) Consequential loss (to the extent permitted by law) related to decorations, furnishings or other household assets.

l) Delivery to/or return transport costs. Removal and re-installation costs, or any labour cost to fit parts.

Repaired or replaced products are covered only for the remainder of the original warranty period.

If you should ever wish to make a warranty claim because of a product fault or defect, you must inform your retailer within a reasonable amount of time, this is within 14 days from the date on which the fault or defect first became apparent. If the product fault or defect is notified after 14 days from the date on which the fault or defect became apparent, Oak Stoves cannot accept any liability for events or issues which arise after the 14 day period or which are caused or increased by the lack of notification which therefore prevented action being taken to restrict or eliminate any consequences arising from the fault or defect at an earlier date.

In the event of a product fault occurring during the warranty period, Oak Stoves will send the appropriate component or goods necessary to rectify the fault, free of charge, but does not cover any labour cost to fit them. Nothing in the Extended Warranty shall make Oak Stoves liable for any or special, incidental or consequential damages, injury to persons or property, or any other consequential loss beyond the consumer’s statutory rights. The liability on these issues is covered by Oak Stoves Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Oak Stoves’ total liability extends only to the purchase price paid for the goods by the Premium Retailer, except where such a limitation is prohibited by statute. Oak Stoves, in the event of a warranty claim, reserve the right to either replace the goods in question or to refund the purchase price of the goods as paid by the Premium Retailer.

The Oak Stoves Extended Warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

The above warranty terms and conditions came into effect on 1st January 2013 and are applicable for all relevant products purchased after this date.

Please note: This warranty is applicable for purchases within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.


To register the warranty please click on the following link:

Oak stoves web site – warranty registration

Oak Stoves are a UK based manufacturer and supplier of contemporary wood burning and gas stoves. They are proud to say all their stoves are made here in the UK from heavy duty steel and are designed to last. The price tag reflects the quality and design of these stoves which are generally aimed at the mid to high end of the market. With a variety of designs and specifications their products will match most customers’ requirements.