Gazco eReflex (Skope) 55R Inset Electric Fire

Gazco eReflex (Skope) 55R Inset Electric Fire
Gazco eReflex (Skope) 55R Inset Electric Fire Gazco eReflex (Skope) 55R Inset Electric Fire

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    2 year(s)

With this Gazco eReflex 55R Electric Fire inset model the fire slides neatly into the recess of your surround or wall space and provides a heat output of 1 to 2kw. Of course, check for the sizes of this Gazco electric fire and the internal aspect of the surround to ensure a snug fit. Installation is relatively straightforward and quick. This is one of the lesser sized Gazco fire options which makes it wholly suited to the smaller room, although is not out of place is a much larger room, depending on the interior design of the space. Aesthetically this electric fire with its deep fuel bed and good sized viewing window, provides a tremendous dramatic view of the flames contrasting the black background with the artificial glowing embers rendered.

This model incorporates three exquisite and striking chromalight immersive LED flame options to choose from: Amber, Blue or a combination featuring amber with a blue accentuation. The flame and fuel effect lighting can be used even when the actual heating part of the system is switched off. You can even choose from a range of fuel effects including the presentation of logs, grey & clear pebbles or a crystal ice-effect.

A highly technologically advanced remote control is included (see separate tab for more detailed information).

We believe it is always in the best interest of our customers to advise waiting for the electric fire to arrive before creating the wall space to accommodate the fire.

Please note that the Gazco eReflex fires used to be referred to as the Gazco Skope electric fires - only the brand name has changed, not the electric fires themselves.

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Installation and User Instructions

Immersive lighting system

eReflex fires use Gazco’s Chromalight triple lighting system to create a mesmerising display with almost endless possibilities. Vivid flame effects are projected to appear amongst the fuel bed for a deep, three-dimensional display and can be set to natural amber, striking blue or even a combination of the two. Each flame colour is enhanced with matching down-lighting, which bathes the fuel bed in either warming amber or cool white for a truly immersive display.

Powerful Chromalight up-lighting illuminates the fuel effects from below, providing relaxing, mood-enhancing ambience whether set to amber, for an authentic glowing embers bed, or one the 13 other atmospheric colour choices. Fuel bed lighting can also transition through each vivid colour for a gradually changing spectrum that provides the ultimate wow factor.

Every Gazco eReflex fire comes with a varied selection of fuel effects that transform the fire’s look and feel. The highly realistic log selection offers a traditional wood fire aesthetic, and when positioned on the bed of clear and grey pebbles looks just like a real fire.

Alternatively, the Crystal-Ice effect fuel bed creates an ultra-contemporary vibe, particularly when paired with the blue flame setting and the many vibrant Chromalight up-lighting colour options. Whichever fuel bed you choose, the fire’s easily removable glass front allows you to quickly mix and match any of the assortment of effects you wish, for your own bespoke display.

The Gazco eReflex’s thermostatic handset (one of the most advanced on the market) gives you full control over the fire’s host of features. Flames, fuel bed lighting and ambient heating can all be controlled independently to create the desired atmosphere, with or without heat. Innovative energy saving features let you ‘set and forget’ the eReflex to turn heating on or off automatically, as well as intelligently manage the heat output to minimise energy use, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the visual effects.


Flame options

Select Amber, Blue or Amber & Blue flames to suit your mood, with five brightness settings for each colour to give you the perfect ambience.

Chromalight fuel bed lighting

Choose from 13 different vibrant colours to illuminate the eReflex’s striking fuel bed, which can be fine-tuned with five brightness levels. Alternatively, you can opt for a gradually changing spectrum as the fuel bed lighting cycles through each colour.

Thermostatic ambient heating

Select the optimum room temperature you desire and your eReflex does the rest for you. Choose between 15°C and 25°C degrees, and depending on the ambient temperature the eReflex will reach the desired level as efficiently as possible.

Comfort temperature

Comfort Temperature lets you set the thermostat as you would your central heating, with Eco and Boost settings, which offer further freedom to adjust the temperature by +/- 4°C if desired.

Heating advance mode

You can manually advance any pre-set heating cycle to either come on or turn off before the programmed time without disrupting daily or weekly scheduling.

Adaptive start control

Adaptive Start allows the eReflex to automatically turn on up to 45 minutes in advance of a pre-set time to reach your desired temperature when you want.

Daily and weekly heating

Set the eReflex to turn on to provide heat at certain times of the day, or even days of the week, using the handset’s Daily and Weekly Timer control functions.

Open window detection

A sudden drop of temperature of 4°C or more within five minutes, like that caused by an open window, will automatically turn off the eReflex’s heat to save energy. Heating can easily be resumed simply by pressing the heat button, or allowing the room’s temperature to rise by closing the window. The eReflex’s innovative energy saving features make it compliant with stringent 2018 Ecodesign energy product standards.

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Important considerations before making your purchase:

The importance of visiting a Retailer.

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Gazco eReflex (Skope) 55R Inset Electric Fire

Gazco eReflex (Skope) 55R Inset Electric Fire

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