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Jydepejsen Bella 5kw Defra Wood Burning Stove

Jydepejsen Bella 5kw Defra Wood Burning Stove
Jydepejsen Bella 5kw Defra Wood Burning Stove Jydepejsen Bella 5kw Defra Wood Burning Stove

Starting at: £2,895.00 inc VAT

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Technical Data

  • Style: Modern
  • DEFRA Approved: Yes
  • Fuel: Wood Only
  • Construction: Cast Iron & Steel
  • Output (kW): 5.00
  • External Height: 1144
  • External Width: 444
  • External Depth: 346
  • Efficiency (%): 82.0
  • Warranty: 5 year(s)
  • Outlet Diameter (mm): 150
  • Outlet Diameter (inches): 6
  • Distance from sides to Combustibles (mm): 300
  • Distance from rear to Combustibles (mm): 200
  • Primary Air: Yes
  • Secondary Air: Yes
  • Weight (kg): 125.0
  • Distance rear to center of top outlet (mm): 175
  • Distance floor to center of rear outlet (mm): 880
  • Outlet Location: Top/Rear

Bella has a lot in common with Senza and is perfect for low-energy houses or homes with low space heating requirements. By default, Bella is delivered with a self-closing door and a fresh air intake option. This model has a door with complete glass front, which together with its integrated handle creates a pure style modern look.

The Bella is RLU Certified. This makes it suitable for Passive Houses.

Key Features


Brand-new wood-burning stoves from Jydepejsen come with a 5-year warranty. The warranty covers defects and burn-through from correct operation.

Any claims during the warranty period should be addressed to {the dealer} from whom you purchased the stove (in this case Volsom Ltd – Glowing Embers). All stoves from Jydepejsen come with their own individual serial number on the boiler plate on the back of the stove. In connection with service procedures of all kinds, please quote the stove model and serial number. For warranty repairs, you must also present a signed and dated invoice that states the name of the dealer. The warranty does not cover the dismantling, transport and reassembly of your stove.

No compensation will be paid for: - Damage during transport - Damage to other articles resulting from use of the stove - Damage arising from incorrect operation or inappropriate usage, e.g. overheating. Read the operating instructions carefully to avoid such problems. - Damage resulting from a failure to follow the directions stated in the operating instructions.

The stove is supplied with wearing parts, which are will inevitably have to be replaced due to your use of the stove. These parts are not covered by the warranty – the regularity with which they need to be replaced varies depending on your usage of your stove. The wearing parts are: Vermiculite panels, baffle plates, stove rope and gaskets. In addition, the warranty does not cover glass, ceramic tiles and soapstone. You can order such replacement parts as you may need from your dealer.

Jydepejsen is a well-established Danish company, which has worked on the development of the design and optimal use of the characteristics of stoves since 1979. They attach great importance to producing high quality wood-burning stoves which are easy to use, stylish in design and have low particle emission to the benefit of the environment. They consider the development of new products to be an on-going process, with the focus not only on the design but also on how the combustion technology can be optimised.

Control fire with DuplicAir®

With Jydepejsen’s unique air control system DuplicAir® you can control the flaming and heat emission of your wood-burning stove in a simple and accurate manner. You can control both the lighting air (primary air) and combustion air (secondary air) with a simple operating handle. Jydepejsen boats that with this system, it is possible to achieve up to 30% less in fuel costs in comparison to other wood burning stoves. DuplicAir® is a simple and very durable control system, manufactured in high quality to last for the entire lifetime of the stove.

All of our stoves are shipped on a priority pallet delivery directly to you. For shipping cost (if applicable) just add the product to your basket and click the estimate shipping tab. Your stoves will normally be delivered by a 7.5 ton lorry with a tail lift. The driver will have a pump truck which needs level ground. For full details on delivery, see our delivery page.

We can provide more details on how to install this stove in our installations guides, just select the option below that suits your property