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Hwam 30/55 7kw Defra Wood Burning Inset Stove With Side Hinged Door

Hwam 30/55 7kw Defra Wood Burning Inset Stove With Side Hinged Door

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Technical Data

  • Type: Inset
  • Style: Modern
  • DEFRA Approved: Yes
  • Fuel: Wood Only
  • Construction: Cast Iron & Steel
  • Output (kW): 7.00
  • External Height: 619
  • External Width: 841
  • External Depth: 470
  • Efficiency (%): 81.0
  • Warranty: 5 year(s)
  • Max Log Length (mm): 530
  • Outlet Diameter (mm): 150
  • Outlet Diameter (inches): 6
  • External/Direct Air: Yes
  • Primary Air: Yes
  • Secondary Air: Yes
  • Tertiary Air: Yes
  • Weight (kg): 98.0
  • Distance rear to center of top outlet (mm): 363
  • Outlet Location: Top

Like a picture of dancing flames on a wall, this medium sized stove radiates cosiness and warmth into your home.

The wide glass pane elegantly and discreetly creates a frame for the flames. This insert is for the design-conscious user who wants only the best down to the smallest detail. The width of the combustion chamber provides ample space for big logs.

Design Features

  • Side Hinged Door
  • Autopilot
  • Unique Door Locking System

Hwam patented autopilot system

A woodburning stove is one of the most energy efficient and cost effective ways of heating your home and the only way to better it is to ensure the stove in question is fitted with an patented autopilot, as featured on all Hwam stoves from Euroheat.

As well as having a style and size of stove to suit any space, all stoves in the Hwam collection from Euroheat are fitted with a patented autopilot, which ensures optimum utilisation of the wood being burned. As a result, Hwam woodburning stoves produce up to 40 per cent more heat while being up to 17 per cent more efficient overall than a stove without an autopilot, and they use considerably less wood. This all adds up to more heat for your money, while also being a much greener way of heating your home than with gas or oil.

The autopilot on all Hwam stoves constantly adjusts air intake to ensure the wood is burnt as efficiently as possible, leaving you with little more to do than sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth from the fire.

Most woodburning stoves supplied by Euroheat are suitable for use in smoke-free, urban areas. Thanks to the autopilot, emissions from many Hwam stoves will be even less than on a standard woodburning stove, making them one of the most eco-friendly heating options available.

As well as this ground-breaking technology Hwam stoves also ensure a superior finish down to the very last detail, with a woodburning stove suitable for any setting to make a focal point in any space.

  • HETAS Approved: Yes