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Bronpi Bristol Classic 4.6kw Defra Inset Multifuel Stove

Bronpi Bristol Classic 4.6kw Defra Inset Multifuel Stove
Bronpi Bristol Classic 4.6kw Defra Inset Multifuel Stove Bronpi Bristol Classic 4.6kw Defra Inset Multifuel Stove Bronpi Bristol Classic 4.6kw Defra Inset Multifuel Stove Bronpi Bristol Classic 4.6kw Defra Inset Multifuel Stove Bronpi Bristol Classic 4.6kw Defra Inset Multifuel Stove Bronpi Bristol Classic 4.6kw Defra Inset Multifuel Stove Bronpi Bristol Classic 4.6kw Defra Inset Multifuel Stove

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Technical Data

  • Type: Inset
  • Style: Modern
  • DEFRA Approved: Yes
  • Fuel: Multi Fuel
  • Construction: Cast Iron & Steel
  • Output (kW): 5.00
  • External Height: 598
  • External Width: 525
  • External Depth: 395
  • Efficiency (%): 81.0
  • Max Log Length (mm): 300
  • Outlet Diameter (mm): 150
  • Outlet Diameter (inches): 6
  • Distance from sides to Combustibles (mm): 800
  • Distance from rear to Combustibles (mm): 1000
  • Fire Box Height (mm): 275
  • Fire Box Width (mm): 262
  • Fire Box Depth (mm): 280
  • Primary Air: Yes
  • Heatable Area (m3): 115
  • Weight (kg): 57.0
  • Distance rear to center of top outlet (mm): 131
  • Outlet Location: Top

If you are in the market for a contemporary inset stove (also referred to as an Insert Stove) then look no further than the 4.6kw Bristol Insert stove from Spanish manufacturers Bronpi. This multi-fuel burner measures a total of 525mm in width and 588mm high including the three sided frame and makes the perfect compact focal point for your modern living space.

Whether you are burning wood or coal in the Bristol inset stove, this model can produce enough heat to warm smaller living spaces of up to 115m3 and it accomplishes this through high efficiency levels (81% for wood and 78% for coal) thanks in part to the Bronpi Double Combustion System. This innovative design reignites any flue gases which may escape the initial combustion for maximum heat output and efficiency.

Please note, European stoves feature a male spigot as an outlet collar and require an additional Continental Stove Adapter or Double Socket Adaptor in the relevant diameter to connect standard single wall stove pipes...

The Bristol is manufactured in cast iron and lined with vermiculite internally to increase heat reflection within the fire chamber. This model also benefits from a Bronpi 'Cool Handle' which detaches to remain cool to the touch for ease of operation. The chamber itself is large enough to accommodate a maximum log length of 300mm and the crystal clear view of the fire is maintained through the Bronpi Clear Glass System. A primary air control sits just below the front door of the Bristol to regulate the fire as well as a grill handle and removable ash pan.



  • Distance to combustibles = 800mm - 1000mm 
  • Distance from rear to centre of top outlet = 131mm 

Bronpi Calefaccion S.L. stoves have a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty against damage to the sheet metal structure and a five-year manufacturer’s warranty against the cast iron body of the stove only. The warranty is only valid if the warranty certificate has been completed and signed. The following moveable components are covered by a reduced two-year warranty: coating grille, baffle plate, glass protector for logs, electrical systems (fans, thermostat, resistor).

Components that are subject to wear and tear (also referred to as perishable or consumable parts) through the standard operation of the stove are not covered under this or any warranty. These include (but not limited to) the following: glass, fire bricks, rope seals / sealants, outlet collar.

Bronpi Calefaccion S.L. will not cover damage resulting from any of the following: installation or usage other than described in the user manual, local conditions i.e. chimney / flue issues, over firing, usage of the wrong fuel, modifications, transit of the stove.

The stove installation must be signed off (certified) by a registered installer, Building Control Body or local authority to validate the manufacturer’s warranty and serviced within twelve months of installation by the before mentioned. The warranty is null and void if this is not adhered to. The warranty is also void if the stove is installed without legs.

The cost of installing replacement items and all consequential costs are at the customer’s expense. Bronpi Calefaccion S.L. will under no circumstances accept compensation for direct or indirect damages caused by the product.

All of our stoves are shipped on a priority pallet delivery directly to you. For shipping cost (if applicable) just add the product to your basket and click the estimate shipping tab. Your stoves will normally be delivered by a 7.5 ton lorry with a tail lift. The driver will have a pump truck which needs level ground. For full details on delivery, see our delivery page.
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