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Aduro 1-1 - 6kw Wood Burning Stove With Drawer

Aduro 1-1 - 6kw Wood Burning Stove With Drawer

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Technical Data

  • Style: Modern
  • Fuel: Wood Only
  • Construction: Cast Iron & Steel
  • Output (kW): 6.00
  • External Height: 1029
  • External Width: 502
  • External Depth: 446
  • Convection: Yes
  • Efficiency (%): 79.0
  • Warranty: 5 year(s)
  • Max Log Length (mm): 360
  • Outlet Diameter (mm): 150
  • Outlet Diameter (inches): 6
  • Distance from sides to Combustibles (mm): 400
  • Distance from rear to Combustibles (mm): 175
  • Log Store: Yes
  • Primary Air: Yes
  • Secondary Air: Yes
  • Tertiary Air: Yes
  • Suitable for 12mm hearth: Yes
  • Weight (kg): 100.0
  • Distance rear to center of top outlet (mm): 195
  • Distance floor to center of rear outlet (mm): 995
  • Outlet Location: Top/Rear

The Aduro 1 stove as part of the Aduro family of high technology stoves has all the usual design features and super-efficient ratings that you would expect from the Danish manufacturer.  This Contemporary convection stove also features a pull out drawer at the base of the stove for handy storage. Aduro stoves are very well built and undergo quality checks from the Danish Ecolabelling and Norway Sintef.  This ensures your safety and guarantees quality products.

The primary and secondary air supply can be regulated and the built-in tertiary air supply ensures an optimal combustion. The air blowing at the inner surface of the glass is optimised by means of an extra steering of the air supply and helps to keep the glass free from soot. Aduro stoves can also burn clean, this means that the same stove can give between 3kw and 6kw depending on the adjustment of the dampers. This enables you to control the combustion exactly and obtain the desired heat output.

With a full 5 year guarantee this is a wood burning stove that can be a focal point of your living space for years to come.

This model of stove has a strong efficiency rating of 79% and the output of this model, as a rough guide, is suitable for a room measuring in the region of 19ft (L) X 19ft (W) X 8ft (H) non-open plan with average insulation properties.

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Featuring Aduro-Tronic Automatic Airflow Optimisation Technology

This stove comes with Aduro's patented Aduro-Tronic one touch airflow optimisation control.  With one touch this stove automatically regulates the air-flow into your burning chamber to ensure optimum combustion.  No more having to go up and down to the stove to control the burn rate, stay seated and watch as it self-regulates, saving you up to 40% of your fuel costs by ensuring efficient burning as well as ensuring that only clean smoke goes into your chimney.

The device runs without any electricity and is unique to Aduro stoves.

Aduro web site

All of our stoves are shipped on a priority pallet delivery directly to you. For shipping cost (if applicable) just add the product to your basket and click the estimate shipping tab. Your stoves will normally be delivered by a 7.5 ton lorry with a tail lift. The driver will have a pump truck which needs level ground. For full details on delivery, see our delivery page.

We can provide more details on how to install this stove in our installations guides, just select the option below that suits your property

You can register your stove at the link below. It is important that you fill in the form as correctly as possible, so you can receive the best service. The form must be filled in no later than 5 months after purchase (from the invoice date). When registering, Aduro offers you a 5 year product warranty. Remember to save the original receipt. Without this warranty, they provide a 2 year right to complain.

The warranty does not cover:

Damages resulting from incorrect installation and use of the stove, overheating and wrong or missing maintenance of the stove etc.

Consumable service parts (glass, gaskets, firebricks, handles, slides, painted surfaces, electrical igniter, sensors/switches, cast iron grate, time release cylinder unit, etc.), which are subject to normal wear and tear.

Damages caused by electrical surcharge, (condensation) water in and around the chimney, too much or too little draught in the chimney and missing maintenance/cleaning.

Mounting or demounting in connection with warranty repairs.

Transportation costs in connection with repairs within the warranty period. Damages to the stove caused by external influences or damages caused by the stove on other objects.

To register the warranty please click on the following link:

Aduro web site – warranty information and registration