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Aga Little Wenlock Classic 4.7kw Defra Approved Multifuel Stove

Aga Little Wenlock Classic 4.7kw Defra Approved Multifuel Stove

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Technical Data

  • Style: Traditional
  • DEFRA Approved: Yes
  • Fuel: Multi Fuel
  • Construction: Cast Iron
  • Output (kW): 4.70
  • External Height: 533
  • External Width: 400
  • External Depth: 415
  • Efficiency (%): 72.0
  • Warranty: 5 year(s)
  • Max Log Length (mm): 325
  • Outlet Diameter (mm): 125
  • Outlet Diameter (inches): 5
  • Primary Air: Yes
  • Secondary Air: Yes
  • Weight (kg): 69.0
  • Distance rear to center of top outlet (mm): 165
  • Distance floor to center of rear outlet (mm): 440
  • Outlet Location: Top/Rear

The Little Wenlock Classic Smoke Exempt is the wood-burning and solid fuel smoke exempt version of our best-selling Little Wenlock Classic. The Little Wenlock Classic Smoke Exempt is a wood-burning and solid fuel specialist that easily meets the stringent standards of the Clean Air Act. Its emissions are so low that it's fully approved to burn wood and solid fuel anywhere including smoke control zones in built-up city areas.

Its nominal heat output of 4.7kW makes it highly cost effective, too, and means you don't need an air vent in the room. The stove also has a conventional flue and uses the AGA Active Air Wash System to keep its glass clean. In terms of looks the Little Wenlock Classic Smoke Exempt doesn't disappoint either. It shares the same compact design and intricate hand finished cast-iron detailing as the Little Wenlock Classic.

This model of stove, as a rough guide, is suitable for a room measuring in the region of 17ft (L) X 17ft (W) X 8ft (H) non-open plan with average insulation properties.

Recommended fuel types:
Dry seasoned wood
Solid Fuel

Information on wood fuels
Unlike fossil fuels, such as coal, gas or oil, wood is carbon neutral. This means that burning a log of wood only produces as much carbon dioxide as a log decomposing on the forest floor.

If used in the right circumstances wood can be a highly economical choice, too.

Dry seasoned wood contains up to 90% less moisture than fresh cut wood, which means it produces less steam and saves up to 50% of potential heat.

Also keep in mind that hard wood is a better option than soft wood as it is slower to burn, meaning you will use less.

Wood is a renewable fuel source that is gentler on the environment. It also helps the preservation of fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

Hints and tips

  • For the best drying conditions, store your logs in a dry store allowing plenty of air to flow around them
  • Wood burns best on a bed of ash so make sure your firebox always has some ash in it
  • Pick out the driest logs; they're easy to spot as the bark comes away easily
  • HETAS Approved: Yes
  • Warranty: Labour - 1 Year, Parts - 5 Years

    Every new AGA leaving the factory and installed by an AGA approved outlet carries a 5 year guarantee on parts (certain consumable parts are excluded – for full details see below). This also includes all labour charges for the first 12 months.

    No charge will be made for replacement parts providing:

    An appliance fault is found.

    The relevant part of the AGA is still covered by guarantee.

    Regular servicing has been carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions by authorised AGA engineers, using approved spare parts. The service booklet will need to be completed accordingly.

    There will be no labour charges during the first 12 months of the warranty.

    A call out charge may be applicable if the authorised AGA service engineer who calls at your home finds no fault with the AGA.

    Other parts of your plumbing system or flue, are either faulty or do not comply with the appropriate installation instructions.

    The unit is more than 12 months old.

    If it is deemed the product has been misused.

    Please note that invoices for call out repair work carried out during the guarantee period by any third party cannot be accepted.

    What is not included in the guarantee:

    Consumable parts.

    Flues (except integral power and balanced flues).

    Any labour charges not directly connected with the repair or replacement of a faulty component.

    Any consequential loss.

    Any part of the domestic hot water system which is not an integral part of the AGA.

    Accidental or cosmetic damage.

    Routine preventative service and maintenance.

    Any external controls/components not supplied by AGA.

    Oil filled Heat indicators are only covered for 12 months.

    Regular Servicing

    Regular maintenance is an essential part of keeping your AGA cooker running safely and efficiently. Since your AGA can operate continuously it is important to ensure regular servicing is undertaken. Only genuine AGA spare parts are used. Please note that routine servicing in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions is also a condition of the warranty agreement.


    Oil AGA cookers – Oil filters and wicks.

    Gas fired AGA cookers – Ignitor electrodes, thermocouples.

    Electric AGA cookers – Vent and circulation fans are covered for 2½ years (30 months).


    This warranty does not cover products which have been altered by the customer or by third parties. Materials, spare parts and specific tools must be as recommended by AGA. Warranty does not cover misuse, abuse or impact damage. Corrosion caused by incorrect use of chemical cleaners or scratches to chrome or stainless components by abrasive cleaning materials are also excluded. Warranty strictly excludes commercial use. Appliances are covered for domestic use only.

    Flues and Ventilation and External Services:

    External services, gas supply, external oil lines, tanks and filters are not covered under this warranty. This warranty does not cover incorrectly or poorly maintained flue systems, or appliances installed on incorrect flue systems of unsuitable material and outside the specification detailed in the product instructions. Appliances not provided with adequate ventilation as detailed in the product instructions also fall outside this warranty.

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