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6" (150mm) 0-90 Degree Adjustable Single Wall Elbow

6" (150mm) 0-90 Degree Adjustable Single Wall Elbow

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This stainless steel flue pipe is a unique and innovative part which is suitable when needing to alter the direction of the installation piping. The pipe is semi-flexible allowing it to be adapted by rotating the different sections to meet the direction required. Fixed positions between 0 to 90 degrees are achievable. Joints need to be sealed with high temperature sealant/cement.

Suitable for connection to 6" (150mm) stainless steel flue pipe.



All single wall flue supplied by Glowing Embers is fully CE approved for installation in compliance with UK building regulations.



  • Suitable Fuels: Solid Fuels, Gas & Oil
  • Thickness: 1mm Stainless Steel
  • Grade of Steel: 316
  • Effective Height: 280mm Approx
  • Offset Size: 90mm Approx
  • Temp. Resistance: Up to 755 C.
  • Distance to Combustibles: 3 x Diameter
  • Distance to Non-Combustibles: 1.5 x Diameter
  • Connection: Male
  • Seal: Continuous Weld