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Chimney Cleaning Log

Chimney Cleaning Log

£8.49 inc VAT

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Simply place the log in your stove and light it, sit back and allow the gases to clean your chimney system. They help to reduce the dangerous build-up of creosote and soot deposits in your flue system to keep you safe from chimney fires.

All too often chimneys are left un-swept for too long, leaving you vulnerable to chimney fires. Used as part of a regular chimney sweeping routine, these logs really do help keep your flue system clean, clear, safe and enables your stove or fire to continue to perform effectively.

These Chimney Cleaning Logs really do work; they are easy to use and very affordable. They burn for approximately 90 minutes and continue to help reduce chimney creosote deposits log after their first burn.

  • Manufacturer: Chimfir
  • Quantity: 1 Log
  • Product: Chimney Cleaning Log
  • Main Ingrediaents: Sawdust & mineral catalysts
  • Burn Time: 90 mins